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Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

A Book Inspired by Dr. Seuss

My girlfriend loved Dr. Seuss ever since she was a child. So I wrote a story in the style of Dr. Seuss called “The Story of You. The Story of Me. We Got Together and became WE!” It told the the story of how we met and our years together. The last page said: “Then he said with a smile as he got down on one knee, I Love you, Darling. Will you marry me?” Then I had a friend who is an excellent artist/cartoonist draw some pictures like Dr. Seuss to go with it. A little photoshop action and Kinkos to bind it together and I had a decent facsimile book which I gave her as a Christmas present wrapped with other real Dr. Seuss books. We were with our families and she read it out loud and when she got to the proposal I had the ring.
Submitted by J.T.

Christmas in July

At the time that I proposed to my now wife I was living in a house a few blocks away from her place of work. My girlfriend loved white Christmas lights because they are so romantic…so I put white lights on the trees in my front yard and on the house. I also put balloons and streamers around the windows and hanging off the trees. I had a large wooden sign made that said: “Helen, Will You Marry Me?”. I erected that on my front lawn and placed a strobe light in front of it so it could easily be seen in the dark. That night when my girlfriend got off work I was going to pick her up and bring her back to my place for dinner and movie. I showed up at her work and walked with her back to my house, where all the lights were on and the proposal sign was lit up. The look on her face when she walked into my driveway was priceless! I got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of my pocket and the rest is history. The local newspapers caught wind of my proposal and came by to take pictures the next day and write a story about it…talk about creating an unforgettable memory!
Submitted by Roger


An Incredible View

My girlfriend and I used to hike up this one small mountain that had an incredible view of the ocean and beach below. We would sit at the top and talk for hours. I decided that I wanted to use that spot for my proposal. So, I told my girlfriend that I had planned a picnic at our spot that Saturday. Before we left I enlisted the help of a friend and we used drift wood and large rocks to write: “Laura, Will You Marry Me?” on the sand. When we arrived at the top it took her a good 10 minutes to look over the mountain onto the sand, but when she did it was amazing. She started crying and jumping around and hugging me. Of course, the answer was “Yes!!”.
Submitted by Curtis

Written in the Sky

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I made plans with my girlfriend to go to an afternoon airshow together. Little did she know, I had made special arrangements with a group of pilots in the show. At the end of the show, as part of the grand finale, two planes wrote the words: “Bridgette, Will You Marry Me? – Hassan” in the sky. They pulled it off perfectly and the crowd starting “oohhhing” and gasping. She said yes and I jumped up and let everyone at the show know her answer. The crowd started cheering! It was the happiest day of my life!
Submitted by Hassan

At a Restaurant

Secretly get a plate engraved with a proposal message for your partner. Make plans to take her out to dinner and call the restaurant ahead of time to arrange to have her meal served on that plate. Bring the plate to the restaurant ahead of time. After she eats her dinner the, “Will you Marry Me, [her name]?”, message will be revealed.
Submitted by Darren P.

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One thought on “Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • My friend used this to ask his best friend/crush to be his girlfriend. She loved soccer, and she invited him to a game once. He bought a soccer ball engraved with the words “Do you want to be my girlfriend” in them. After the game, he gave the soccer ball to her, and they are very happy together. Even though this was used for a couple relationship you can also use it for a marriage proposal or something similar.

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