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How to Be a Great Catch

This list was developed by listening to singles talk about what they want in relationships, how they evaluate potential partners and why they reject them.

  1. Don’t be unavailable.
  2. This one is the number one complaint with singles. Again and again people say they are available when in reality they are consumed with something/someone. Want to be considered a great catch, considered a keeper? Be available to have a relationship if you say you want one.

  3. Don’t cling, demand or beg for attention.
  4. It’s good to like someone and want to be with him or her. But when you want closeness while the other person wants space, being a great catch means allowing the space gracefully. What’s more, it means cherishing the space.

  5. Don’t manipulate or ask leading questions.
  6. Manipulation is one way to get what you want in a relationship. However, when you manipulate, what you get is not given freely. People who are a great catch allow everything to be given freely, or not at all.

  7. Don’t marry him or her in your head.

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    When you are barely dating, yet already walking to the altar in your head, it shows. What’s more, it takes away from enjoying the process of dating. People who are considered a great catch can stay in the moment, having an eye on the future but not living in it.

  9. Don’t try to force the relationship.
  10. In general, people do exactly as they want to do, and singles who are considered a great catch know that. These singles are able to let their dates/partners do as they will, without forcing the person or the relationship to be different. They observe, accept and choose.

  11. Don’t come on strong.
  12. It’s fun to sweep a new someone of their feet. However, most singles have learned that being swept of their feet is dangerous to the heart – the relationship usually does not survive past the initial rush. Being a great catch means growing slowly, lightly into the relationship.

  13. Don’t expect to be saved or fixed.
  14. Everyone has something they are trying to improve in their life. Relying on a new partner in the process of this improvement is unattractive. Being a great catch means having the resources to solve your troubles without needing the help of a new relationship partner.

  15. Don’t give up yourself, your opinions, your values.
  16. If someone is attracted to you when you are at your best, feeling good, sure of yourself, aren’t they attracted because of who you are? Being a great catch means daring to remain yourself as your new partner gets to know you.

  17. Don’t block communication.
  18. Relationships are for relating, be they romantic or otherwise. Relating between humans means communicating. If you do not communicate, you do not have a relationship. People who are considered a great catch communicate.

  19. Don’t play games – be honest.
  20. Honesty does not mean revealing the details of your sordid divorce on the first date. It does mean being honest about your goals, priorities, intentions, wants, etc. A great catch has nothing to hide.

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Rinatta Paries

Copyright Rinatta Paries. This article was originally published by Coach Rinatta Paries in The Relationship Coach Newsletter.

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