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Make Her Fall for You

You’ve been out with a woman a couple of times, and you’re crazy about her. You want her to be crazy about you, too. Here’s the plan:

Invite her to your place for dinner. Casually explain to her, though, that you have to get up early the next morning. (It works best if you actually do have to get up early. If you don’t, arrange to go to the gym before work. It’s best not to lie.)

Cook for her. You’ve heard it said that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I’ve got news. It works for women, too, and I mean big time. If she likes you, or even if she’s teetering on the fence about it, you very may well seal the deal by feeding her. It makes her feel cared for, and the contrast of watching a manly man like you perform such a nurturing act is devastatingly sexy. Roll up your sleeves just a bit. Let her admire your forearms as you wield a heavy skillet.

If you’re not accustomed to preparing more than Hot Pockets, head over to foodnetwork.com beforehand for a couple of easy recipes that are sure to please her. Try the dish ahead of time, so that you know you can bring it off. Don’t worry, though, if you mess up on the big night. She’ll be delighted that you tried.

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Whatever you do, do not allow her to take over. Put a drink in her hand and tell her that her job is to relax. A great girl will appreciate that. You will utterly and completely impress her. A potential pain in the neck will tell you everything you’re doing wrong and will tell you to sit down, so she can do things properly. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but trust me, this type of woman will tell you what you’re doing wrong for the rest of your life.

If worse comes to worst, and you render dinner inedible, laugh it off and order take-out. A great girl will laugh with along you.

Kiss her goodnight. But do not sleep with her. As tempting as this might be for both of you, you will score big points if you don’t. Instead, take the woman gently into your arms. Kiss her meaningfully and soulfully. Remind her of your early appointment the next day and say you’re sorry you can?t spend more time together. Tell her you’ll call her but do not say when. Walk her to her car.

Here’s what will happen: She’ll spend most of the next day wondering why you didn’t leap on her as other men would have in your position. She?ll know, however, that you?re not gay because of the way you kissed her (a scene she?s likely to replay in her mind all day long, incidentally). She will wonder if you’ll call and when.

Because you’re a guy who’s good to his word, you will call, just not right away (even if it kills you). The goal here is not to play games but to give her time to mentally savor the events of the previous evening. Give her time to build you up in her own mind. Whatever you do, do not send flowers. Don?t email her. Let things lie.

Call her a day or two later. It’s more than likely that she’ll be absolutely over the moon to hear from you.

I’m sure you can take it from there.

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Terry Hernon MacDonald

Terry Hernon MacDonald is happily married to a man who cooked her a lobster dinner early in their relationship.

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