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The Male Opinion on Makeup

The makeup conundrum: do men prefer women with, or without makeup? Find out what some of our male visitors said.

  • “Makeup is used to enhance beauty, not create it.”
  • “To see a woman’s beauty you need to see her first thing in the morning. It’s very sexy.”
  • “I prefer natural sometimes and some makeup at others. It’s nice to not have someone made up all the time, because then you don’t come to expect it, but it is nice to have them made up once in a while just to compliment their looks on occasion.”
  • “I prefer the natural look for sure. From an aesthetic point of view as well as tactile. I’ve never much liked touching or kissing makeup rather than skin.”
  • “I am actually turned off when I see a girl with makeup caked all over her face. Just looks so fake. I don’t care if she is unattractive. Too much makeup only makes things worse.”
  • “When makeup is being used, I think how it’s used can make all the difference in the world. Only poorly done makeup looks bad.”
  • “Natural is better but very little is good.”
  • “I like a woman to wear no makeup at all, if she must wear makeup (such as is the case when going out on special dates, events, etc.) then I prefer that it isn’t overly done. Too much makeup is a terrible thing.”
  • “My fiance is constantly telling me that he loves my ‘natural beauty’.” – from a woman
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