Valentine's Day Romance

Valentine Romance – The Whole 9 Yards

Whether you choose to be unique or traditional this year, Valentine’s Day is about romance of the highest form. It is not expected that romance take the same shape every year for every couple, but it should be presented in a way that leaves the couple remembering why they fell in love and how good it feels to be there.

Unfortunately, many people only focus on one specific area of the tradition as opposed to making the entire day something magical for the person they love. For this reason we have attempted to list the most popular Valentine’s Day traditions in order to help you create the perfect day from start to finish.

Breakfast in Bed

One of the best ways to start the day will be having breakfast served to your lover while in bed. You can climb back in bed with them and feed them if the mood strikes you, or you can offer them their meal and head off to an early day. Either way, this will be a great start to their day, which they will be sure to appreciate. If you have time you might want to follow it up with a shower for two and some early morning lovemaking. more breakfast in bed tips

All-Day Pampering

As Valentine’s Day is not a traditional holiday people still have to work in most cases. However, you can still offer your presence even while she is at work. Consider sending her and a close co-worker to lunch on you, picking her up for a romantic lunch of your own, or sending her flowers or another gift while she is at work so her friends can all fawn over your compassionate and romantic effort.


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Whether you are a great cook or a wonderful chooser of restaurants you should be prepared to offer some scrumptious meal options for your Valentine’s Day supper. A romantic candlelight restaurant will work well or if possible, you can create the same effect at home. Remember to add wine and prepare or purchase an excellent (and possibly aphrodisiac-like) dessert. how to plan a romantic dinner

Romantic Gifts

Romance should usually be left in the eye of the beholder. What will work for you, may not for other people. However, when people think romantic gifts and Valentine’s Day they usually all come to the same conclusion. Choose gifts that are both traditional and that you know she has had her eye on.

Some ideas include:

  • Chocolates/Candy
  • Flowers
  • Love Coupons (list home repairs and other fun items that she can make use of)
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Lingerie

Of course, if she’s been wanting her car detailed or painted and you have the means of offering that to her, you should go for it. Give her what you know she wants because in the end that will be what seems romantic to her.

Intimate Gifts

In addition to romantic gifts you might want to get her something more adult. What you choose in this area should definitely be considered before you purchase anything. You want to choose something you know she will like. While some women will adore massage oils, body creams, and vibrating goods, others will want something harder. Of course, paddles and other lover’s toys are not for everyone. Consider her personality and interests when choosing the gifts that will enhance your special evening. A man’s guide to lingerie

Couples Time

Once you have handled some or all of the above she should be perfectly in tune with the romantic nature of the evening. Spend some of the evening talking and enjoying one another in simple intimate ways. Giving her the little things that are normally missing from your relationship will increase the passion between the two of you. As you open up to her she will be more open to exploring other areas of your intimacy. While you may start the evening with simple kissing, this could lead to passionate embraces and lengthy lovemaking sessions to put an end to the perfect romantic day.

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