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Breakfast in Bed Ideas

  1. Start planning at least a day in advance to make sure you have all the ingredients you are going to need. Buy a card, a rose and a present if you wish (on a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day). Remember that the surprise you’re about to give is far more important than any gift.
  2. Plan on getting up before your mate, leaving the card and the rose on your pillow, for him or her to find when they wake up. The card should express how you feel about them, containing at least one “I Love You”, and then something along these lines:
    I have a surprise for you so please don’t get up.
    Just stay in bed and relax until I come back!
  3. If you have Kids, make them your “accomplices” in the surprise, they can be very helpful and they’ll enjoy hiding a little secret from Mom or Dad. Not only that, but they’ll feel good seeing Mom and Dad showing so much love for each other.
  4. At this point you have two choices:
    The first one is to go to your nearest bakery or coffee shop, and buy fresh croissants, muffins, or whatever you know your mate likes. (Chocolate filled croissants are fantastic!) Fresh squeezed orange juice is a nice touch along with cappuccino, latte, etc…just make sure the day before you call the store to find out what time the pastries are going to be baked.

    The second choice is to follow the simple recipes we have prepared for you. We have given you several choices to pick from depending upon what your mate prefers.

      A: Fresh fruit salad.
      We suggest you pick between grapes, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, mango and pineapple. Two or more of these fruits, sliced and nicely presented on a plate are a great way to start a morning. Add a cup of coffee and Juice.

      B: Scrambled eggs with…
      …salsa & cheddar cheese, served with sliced tomatoes & toast.
      Put a teaspoon of butter and a tablespoon of chopped onions in a saute pan at medium fire. Add four tablespoons of salsa and five eggs and scramble. Cook eggs adding two tablespoons of cheese when still slightly runny. Mix well and turn off the fire. Add salt and pepper to please.

      Let it sit on the hot pan until it reaches the consistency you like. Serve on a plate with toast, and slices of fresh tomato sprinkled with extra-virgin olive oil.

      You can pour the eggs into a heart-shaped cookie cutter when moving to the plate. Serve with Coffee and O.J.

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      C: Fresh toasted bagel
      with cream cheese, scallion and slices of tomato.
      Toast the bagel to your preference, then drizzle the olive oil on it. Add the cream cheese, the sliced tomato and the chopped scallions. Salt and pepper to please.
      If you like lox you can add it to your recipe and substitute red onion to the scallion.
      Serve on a plate next to pieces of fruit or a leaf of lettuce for decoration.

      Great served with fresh squeezed O.J. or Mimosa (1/3 champagne, 2/3 O.J.)

      D: Heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes.
      You need to buy a heart shaped cookie cutter.
      Buy a box of Bisquick, semi-sweet chocolate chips, real maple syrup, milk, eggs and sugar
      In a bowl, mix 2 cups of Bisquick, 1 1/3 cups of milk, 1 egg and two tablespoons of sugar together till well blended, add 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, then mix again.

      Pre-heat a griddle or saute pan on medium-low heat, grease lightly with cooking spray or melt one tablespoon of butter.

      Once the griddle is heated enough, pour the batter into big enough circles to fit your cookie cutter. The batter will start to bubble. When the bubbles start to pop, it’s time to flip them.

      Cook till desired color is reached. Make sure the pancakes are cooked inside as well,
      you can check by poking a fork into the middle, and if it comes out clean, they’re ready.

      Next, push the cookie cutter in to the pancake and press firmly. Pull the excess of the pancake away from the sides of the cutter, then lift the cutter up, and you have heart shaped pancakes! Place on plate next to pieces of fresh fruit for decoration. Serve with warm maple syrup.

    Whichever choice you decide on, make sure you clean up the kitchen when
    you’re done!

  5. As you are serving your mate in bed, play their favorite music.
    If you need help with that we suggest you go to our Library and get some ideas.
  6. Here is something else you might want to try if you are a man doing something special for your wife or girlfriend. Run her a hot bubble bath and prepare breakfast while she’s taking it. You can serve her breakfast in the bath tub or wait until she’s done.
    If you opt for the second one try sprinkling a few rose petals outside the bathroom’s door, leaving a trail that leads back to the bed, where you’re waiting to share the wonderful breakfast you’ve just prepared for her.
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