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Make Your Marriage Sexy

Marriage is a life long bond between two partners. It is a mutual relationship. There has to be total involvement of both the partners. It is coming together of two people to live a life together maintaining the initial love feelings that got you close together. Generally a marriage looses those feelings of love and sensuality with the passage of time. You no more feel that excitement about your married life.

To make your marriage sexy you should develop an art within you to keep things rocking. Here are certain tips you can follow to make your marriage for ever sexy.

Be physical out of bed

Touching each other is not only meant for the bed. You should always find out situations when you can touch your lover and feel the power of physical intimacy. Physically connecting in small ways throughout the day, make you warmed up for intense action later. Such acts get you connected close to each other and make it unavoidable for you to have sex even on stressed nights.

Be sexy and chat sexy

While communicating with other especially when you are in solitude with no one is around talk about sexy stuff. At night in bed have conversations with your partner about what you are learning about sexual excitement and what act of him or her gives you the most stimulation.

Create a romantic atmosphere

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Decorate you house in such a manner that gives you a romantic feeling. Let there be flowers, aromas and scents, candles, running water and hot tubs, pictures, sunbathing, different types of music, even incense that give you a sensuous feeling. A romantic atmosphere plays a significant role in making your married life sexy. It is the atmosphere that changes the mind. A dull and boring surrounding and atmosphere will never evoke your sensuous feeling.

The right lighting

A soft light in you bedroom is what you require during lovemaking. Seeing each others bodies intertwined will create extra sensuality to you act. Take your time before rushing to the main event by admiring your partner?s body.

Make yourself look sexy

All the men want sexy wives. Dress up in outfits that make you look sexy. Whether you are at the party or at work in casual dress up make yourself look like a sexy lady. Observe how your mate reacts to the kind of outfit you wear. If you something attractive and sexy the definitely you will be appreciated. The husbands too should dress up like sexy men and do the same as you would want a sexy married life rather than a dull and boring one.

Get some change in life

To keep steamy romance from growing couples should get some change in life as routine makes you feel monotonous? When things are predictable to you the excitement gets diminished. You know that the same things going to take place and there is lack of interest and freshness in both the partner. Give yourself a change! Plan out for a holiday or a picnic in a place close to nature to enjoy life and the company of each other in a different surrounding. Such sexy surroundings act as stimuli to enhance your sensuous feelings.

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