Valentine's Day Romance

Five Romantic Valentine Ideas

If you are short on ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day this year, why not consider one of the following scenarios? The following choices will offer you some of the most romantic options available in Valentines Day romance.


Nothing could be finer than a romantic beachside event with the person you love. Paradise by the water, you will be sure to feel the love and energy as you focus on your lover, the sparkling water, and the warmth of the waves or the feel of the sand. You can make love in the water or on the sand. You can also have a romantic picnic, or spend the evening wrapped in each other’s arms while you look up at the stars together. No matter what you are doing this location has the ability to be incredibly romantic, especially at night with the moon and the stars shining brightly.

Mountain Retreat

If you are a fan of snowy weather, as opposed to the sun and sands of paradise, the Mountain Retreat is perfect for you. Whisk your lover away to the wild and fun wilderness. Take in the snowy mountains while you sip cocoa and curl by a warm fire. If there is snow on the ground you might sneak out to play in the snow together, like children. No matter what you decide to do, many people find locations like this, where you are tucked away alone together, to be the perfect thing for two lovers on Valentines Day.

Luxury Hotel

If you have a chance to get away, you do not have to go as far as the beach or the mountains. A luxury hotel will offer all the romantic options that you might want. Many of these fabulous hotels offer rooms with fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, and huge beds. Additionally, depending on the area you can expect dazzling views of city skylines from many hotel room windows. All you need to do is order some room service and enjoy some tasty treats, some great wine, and each other when you choose an option such as this.

Wine & Dine

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If you are looking for a romantic idea that will not take you out of town then you might want to consider wining and dining your lover. All you need to do is choose one of the fanciest, most romantic restaurants in town and let them do the rest. You will be able to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your lover in a romantic setting with excellent food. Afterwards, take your lover dancing or go to a late show. If the beach is nearby, take a walk along the sand while holding hands. Whatever happens from there is up to you!


If you find that you are on a budget, but you still want to have a little romance this Valentines why not create the romance right in your home. Start a fire and camp out in front of it. You can serve some excellent tasting food and wine, and have some sweet treats ready so that you can create a romantic picnic in front of a roaring fire.

This will offer you a wonderfully romantic gesture that also gives you the pleasure of allowing you to feel right at home. Once you’ve finished with your picnic you can curl up right there together or you can pack up your meal and head to bed. Either way the result is well worth the small effort it will take to make this romantic transformation in your home.

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