French Kissing Moves

Some french kissing tips submitted by our readers.

  1. Lick your partner’s lips with the tip of your tongue. (submitted by Jeanette)
  2. My boyfriend goes insane when we french kiss because I get his tongue in my mouth and hold it there by gently sucking on it. Then I slowly withdraw my mouth sucking his tongue the whole way back. (submitted by Lijana-MI)
  3. Rub your tongue on the underside of your partner’s tongue. This could involve a large surface area of your tongue or just the end of your tongue caressing theirs. (submitted by James)
  4. Flicker your tongue in a vertical up and down motion on the tip of your partner’s tongue. (submitted by Tara)
  5. Lick the corner of his mouth, on his lips, with the tip of your tongue. (submitted by Ashley)
  6. After your partner has french kissed you (with their tongue in your mouth), and begins to draw their tongue back into their mouth, touch the tip of your tongue to theirs and follow it into their mouth. Now it is your turn to french kiss them. (submitted by James)