Spice Up Sex

Have a Quickie

Now I know that for some of you this will be a challenge. We all learned delayed gratification when we were children.

  • Eat your dinner first and then you can have dessert.
  • Do your homework and then you can watch TV.
  • Clean your room and then you can go outside.

Having a quickie means – acting on impulse, being spontaneous, taking a risk, and doing what you feel like doing NOW! Those are the same feelings a person has when they are having an affair. I just want you to create those same feelings inside your relationship, NOT OUTSIDE! Everyone, occasionally has an impulsive, lustful thought but they think, “Not now, not here. This is the wrong place and the wrong time.” I’m saying that one time this week I want you practice saying:

“This is the perfect time and the perfect place”.

Call or tell your mate and tell them you want them NOW. If they can’t meet you at least they’ll have a smile on their face for the rest of the day.

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Ellen Kreidman

Ellen Kreidman is the author of "Light Her Fire", a truly awesome book! Men, check out "Light Her Fire". As a teacher, author, and seminar speaker on relationships for over 18 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman is dedicated to enriching people's lives and improving relationships around the world.

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