Spice Up Sex

Spice Up Your Sex Life in Another Language

Would you like to be able to say sexy things to your lover in another language? They may not know what you are saying, but it is still very erotic.

Below are 9 English phrases that will be translated to French and Spanish. There is even a pronounciation key provided…what good is knowing the words if you can not pronounce them?

Spring one on your love during a heated moment or kiss your spouse goodbye and leave him wondering what that was that you just whispered in his ear.

Here are the phrases in English:

  1. I want you badly
  2. I love you
  3. You smell good
  4. You turn me on/ You turn me on so much
  5. Let’s have sex
  6. That feels nice
  7. That was incredible
  8. Your skin is so soft
  9. I want you to kiss me

[ French ] – [ Spanish ]


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I want you badly

French: Je te veux vraiment

Pronounced: zhe te veuh vraymawwwn (the n is pronounced nasily)

I Love You

French: Je t’aime

Pronounced: zhe tem

You smell good

French: Tu sens bien

Pronounced: too sawwwn bee n (the “n” in sawwwn is pronounced nasily)


French: Oh là là

Pronounced: oooh la la

You turn me on so much

French: Tu m’excites tant

Pronounced: too mayxeet tawwwn (again n is pronounced nasily)

Let’s have sex


Pronounced: bayzon (again n is pronounced nasily)

That feels nice

French: Ca sens bien

Pronounced: sa sawwwn bee n (the “n” in sawwwn is pronounced nasily)

That was incredible!

French: C’ést incroyable

Pronounced: say tay ehn quwhy able

Your skin is so soft

French: Ta peau est si douce

Pronounced: tahhh peuh ay see doose

I want you to kiss me

French: Je veux que tu m’embrasses

Pronounced: zhe veuh keuh too mom brahss (the “m” in mom is pronounced nasily)

[ French ] – [ Spanish ]


I want you badly

Spanish: Te quiero muchísímo!

Pronounced: tae key-ero mooch-i-seamo

I Love You

Spanish: Te amo

Pronounced: tae ahmo


Spanish: Te quiero

Pronounced: tae key-ero


Spanish: Te adoro

Pronounced: tae ah-door-o

You smell good

Spanish: Me encanta tu fragancia

Pronounced: mae en-can-ta too fra-gan-sea-a

You turn me on so much

Spanish: Me excitas mucho

Pronounced: mae ex-sea-tas mooch-o

Let’s have sex

Spanish:Hagamos el amor

Pronounced: ah-ga-mo-s l a-moor

That feels nice

Spanish: Eso se siente muy rico

Pronounced: esso say si-n-tae moo-e riko

That was incredible!

Spanish: Fue increíble

Pronounced: fu-a in-cray-eeblay

Your skin is so soft

Spanish: Tu piel es tan suave

Pronounced: too pee-el s tun soo-ah-bay

I want you to kiss me

Spanish: Besame

Pronounced: bay-saw-mae


Spanish: Quiero que me beses

Pronounced: key-ero k mae bay-sez

[ French ] – [ Spanish ]

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