Spice Up Sex

12 Ways to Seduce Your Man

  1. Write him an erotic story featuring you both as the leads.
  2. Take a rather provocative picture of yourself with a digital camera…you in sexy lingerie, or you in a sexy position, or you naked. A tripod and camera with delay feature may be a tool you will need. Get a piece of cardboard the same size and glue the printed picture on the cardboard. Now draw puzzle pieces on the picture and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut around the pieces on your cardboard picture puzzle. Have the pieces sent a few at a time, via courier to his office while he is at work. By the end of the day he will have received all the puzzle pieces and be dying to get home to you. Tip: give him the most revealing piece last.
  3. Call him at work in the morning to seductively tell him what you have planned for that night.
  4. Do the housework naked.
  5. Mail him a pair of your sexiest panties.
  6. Wake him up tomorrow morning with oral sex.
  7. The next time you go out for dinner in a group that includes your beau, wear your sexiest panties. During the meal excuse yourself to the bathroom and remove them, ball them up in your palm, and secretly pass them under the table to your lover when you get back.
  8. Bring him lingerie shopping with you. Let him pick out his favorites for you to try on and open the changing room door enough for him to look in and preview each outfit. Buy the set he likes the best.
  9. Engage him in phone sex the next time he calls home from a private or semi-private location.
  10. Give him a surprise, join him in the shower tomorrow morning.
  11. The next time he comes home from work be waiting for him at the door. When he comes in don’t even let him get his shoes off before you push him back against the door and initiate a quickie right then and there.
  12. Welcome him home with candles, soft music, a bubble bath for two and massage oil.
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