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Seduction Tips For Longtime Lovers

Seduction is not just for those who want to meet women or attract women for the first time, it is also for those who enjoy familiarity and have been together for a while. A woman likes a bad boy so men do what you can to get her motor revved up. When she arrives home, be standing in the doorway with nothing on but a towel wrapped around your waist and be dripping wet. Water has a way of whetting any woman’s appetite (and any man’s for that matter).

Ladies respond in kind to your man’s seductive overtures by teasing him whenever possible. If you have friends over for a dinner party, touch him suggestively or kiss him deeply in the kitchen as he is helping you prepare the meal for your guests. Flash him your biggest smile and then show him what you have on (or don’t have on) under your skirt. This is sure to increase his blood pressure for the rest of the night!

Plan a romantic date for the two of you but make sure it ends up in bed. Even better have a bed picnic where you bring sexy foods to bed such as strawberries and whipped cream or chocolates and your most racy lingerie. Play soft music in the background or opt for an erotic movie to make sure you both get in, and stay in, the mood.

Flirting is always seductive and it should be a part of every couple’s life together, whether they have been together for months or years. Researchers have discovered that flirting causes both endorphins and natural amphetamines to course through the body and this brings about an emotional feeling that is very close to orgasm. Play a fun seductive game and pretend that the two of you have just met or reenact the precursor to the first time you made love. Make sure to dress as sexy as possible, use your eyes to convey your interest and growing attraction to your partner and move seductively about the room.

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Sexy notes are just that, very sexy and both men and women like to receive them. For a woman, write to your man that you are looking for a man who will please you in whatever way you wish and tell him what exciting pleasures he is in for that evening. For a man tell your partner in a note what makes her irresistible to you. Leave the notes on the bathroom mirror, in the refrigerator attached to the milk carton, on the bowl of fruit sitting on the kitchen table, on the driver’s seat of the car, in a briefcase or purse. Let your imagination take you wherever it may!

Kissing is something we do a lot of in the beginning of a relationship but it tends to lose some of its impact as time marches on. Be aware that kissing is often perceived as being even more intimate than engaging in intercourse. Seduce one another with long, passionate kisses that go on and on. Together rediscover your love and enjoyment of kissing and revel in how it brings the two of you closer together.

Take turns being the one to put the moves on the other person. Men are often the ones who initiate sex but enjoy it occasionally when a woman takes the lead and becomes the assertive party. This gives the woman a sense of power and control, which can be a string aphrodisiac for both people.

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