Romance Tips

Romance Tips with Computers

  • I wrote a very basic DOS program for my girlfriend which prints “I will love you for x lifetimes” with x counting from 1 all the way to one million. When it’s finished about 15 minutes later, it says “And this is only the beginning!”
    -submitted by Neko | rated: 8.18/10
  • Send an e-mail with the first letter of each line spelling out something special (“I LOVE YOU”, “CHRIS AND SHAWNA FOREVER”). I sent one to my boyfriend and he loved it. He saved it and reads it every now and then and says it always makes him smile.
    – submitted by Melissa | rated: 8.5/10
  • Since my one-month anniversary of being married to my husband, I have been sending him emails everyday. In the first email I wrote “How much do I love you? Let me count the ways…” and then typed #1 and the reason I love him. Everyday the reason and number changes. After about a week he could see what I was doing and started sending me cute emails back.
    – submitted by Rebecca Rubalcaba | rated: 8.72/10
  • Make a webpage in your love’s honor. Include poety, thoughts, pictures, romantic messages, the story of how you met, etc..
    – submitted by Laura | rated: 9.45/10
  • Create a Powerpoint presentation all about your sweet love, and send it via e-mail. It’s a sure way to make them blush!
    – submitted by Shari | rated: 9.29/10
  • My boyfriend and I had just declared “I love you” to each other. The next day on the computer I made a “Certificate of Devotion”. It said: “As of this date, I have fallen truly, madly, and deeply in love with you and just saying I love you doesn’t compare to what I’m feeling inside and I can’t wait to spend time with you.” I added all these clip art pictures to describe things we liked. I even bought a GOLD SEAL sticker and placed it on the bottom, I signed and dated the certificate and framed it and wrapped it. When he came over the next day, I gave him this 8×10 frame and in it was the “Certificate” from me. He actually got teary eyed, and smiled.
    – submitted by Angie | rated: 8.74/10
  • If she has a computer, sneak into the room where she keeps it and change the scrolling marquee screen saver to a love message for her.
    – submitted by Byron | rated: 9.5/10
  • Send your love an “I miss you”, “I’m thinking of you”, or an “I love you”, email message for no other reason.
    – submitted by Tony | rated: 7.75/10

Editor’s note: has tons of love coupons and notes that you can print and give to the one you love…check it out!

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