Romance Tips

Corny but Cute Romance Tips

  • Get your love a silk rose, leave the rose in a place where she is sure to see it. Include a note saying something like: “This rose is a symbol of my love. Like this rose my love for you will never die.”
    – submitted by theluckiestmanalive | rated: 7.71/10
  • Write “Now you can see why I love you so much” on a sheet of paper and stick it on a mirror they are bound to look at.
    – submitted by aixa | rated: 8.57/10
  • Fill a fish bowl with fish-shaped crackers and insert a note: “You’re not the only fish in the sea, but you’re the only fish for me!”
    – submitted by Sabrina | rated: 7.22/10
  • Give him a box full of Hershey’s Kisses that will spill everywhere when he tries to open it. Leave a note inside that says, “I kiss the ground you walk on.”
    – submitted by Beth and Emily | rated: 7.99/10
  • If your lover makes your toes curl during love-making or even when you are just thinking about him or her here’s a fun thing to do: Trace the outline of each of your feet on a piece of paper. If you’re a girl and wear polish on your toes, “paint” the toenails with “polish” (colored marker). Cut out the footprints – carefully cutting out in-between the toes. Take a pencil and curl the toes. Write a note on the footprints: “You make my toes curl!”. Leave them somewhere he or she will find them. You could also send it in the mail. To ensure the “toes” won’t uncurl, take a straw and cut it to size and curl the toes around it. Slip it into a pre-addressed envelope. Pop it in the mail!
    – submitted by Skimmer | rated: 4.78/10
  • Buy a dozen long stem roses and a bag of Hershey Kisses candy. Put the roses in the shower, and make a trail of Kisses from the front door to the shower. Have her follow the trail to find the roses. When she does, tell her that the time you’ve had together has been wonderful, and now that you’ve kissed the ground she walks on and showered her with roses, you hope it will last forever.
    – submitted by Enrich V. | rated: 9.37/10

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