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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Still Not Over You

No doubt that you were the magic, the “poof” of his life, the “abracadabra” of your relationship. But now that the relationship is over, how can you tell that he has totally moved on?

It’s helpful if you have an awareness of the emotional status of your former boyfriend- especially if getting your ex back is in your ulterior motives. So here are some tell- tale signs that your former boyfriend is still not over you.

He hasn’t tried dating again.

Or if he has, nothing seems to have stuck. His longest relationship is not more than six months. This is one sign that he is not over you. If this is his case, most likely he is not ready to commit yet, because he’s still not over you. Though he is trying to move on, but your memories still haunts him, making it difficult for him to appreciate other women.

He is upset that you have moved on.

If he seems upset and bitter that you have moved on and you are trying to connect with other guys, then he still not over you, he is not ready to let go of you.

He is not over you when he is deliriously angry at you for no apparent reason.

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Even if the break- up was a mutual decision and you went your separate ways in a calm manner, then all of a sudden you hear feed-backs that he is angry at you. Don’t worry, he is not mad at you, he is mad at himself for not getting over you. If you don’t want your ex back, ignore him. If you do, call him and ask him “what’s up?” Believe me, he will calm down the moment he hears from you.

He is not over you when he is trying to impress you when you are together.

Do you remember the time when your relationship was still young? How charming he was for trying to impress you? If he show you the same kind of conduct, then he can’t help it, he is still in love with you. This is one great sign that he is really not over you.

He is not over you when he asks about you from your mutual friends.

Not just the usual pleasantries, but really interrogating and asking personal stuff, like, if you are dating or seeing someone else.

If you need help, he is more than willing to help you out.

He will go out of his way to comfort you or save you from any trouble.

He finds a reason to communicate with you.

Whether it’s his pen that he lend you way back when, he will call you about it and ask it back, anything just to have an excuse to talk to you again.

If it’s any consolation, men are not good in handling heartaches. If you think that several nights of drinking spree with the guys in some strip club will help them move- on, then you are totally wrong.

Men hold on more longer to their broken- heart than women do. That’s because women are more comfortable talking about their emotions than men do. We, women know that sometimes gulping down our heartaches with a few bottle of beers can help for a night, but we know better that what’s more therapeutic is sharing it and having a sympathetic ear to listen to it. A thing the most men are incapable of doing.

This is a guest post by Ruth Purple. Ruth Purple is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals and couples in their relationships.  Experience a Happier Love Life.

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