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What is Love?

Love…well, it’s exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you!

OOPS. Sorry. That’s the Love BOAT. Nevermind.

What do I think of love? Hmmm. Love is the most powerful force on the planet. People have fought and died for love. People have given up everything for love. They write songs about it, movies, TV shows, books and poems. For crying out loud, it’s the only emotion with its own holiday.

Love can make you higher than any drug, but can also make you feel like you got kicked in the gut. Love can make you do some pretty stupid things, like spray painting a name on a wall, or serenading someone outside their window.

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Love is amazing. You can’t touch it, catch it or trap it. But, it’s out there, all around us all the time. So, you can fall in it pretty easily.

Honestly, love makes every morning worth waking up for. When you’re not in love, it still gives you hope. When you are in love, gives you answers — meaning. It’s finding the last piece to a really tough puzzle. It’s a contagious joy you want to share with everyone.

How can I make it simple?

Picture your favorite toy. Your Mom’s smile. Your best friend. Your coolest summer. Your first crush. And the puppy you got for your 4th birthday. Mix that with 3 or 4 of your best Christmases, multiply it by 100,000,000, and you MIGHT come close to what it’s like to truly be in love. You MIGHT.

There just arent enough words.

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Kwame DeRoche

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