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The Best Romantic Blockbusters of 2011

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Although some may say romance is dead, Hollywood begs to differ. Most films these days have at least one romantic plotline. There’s always a band of scriptwriters considering the ups and downs of love and putting together storylines of old and new, from Elizabethan dramas to modern romantic comedies about using dating sites.

11% of the films released over the last year were within a romantic genre. But where was the best love story? Who holds the prize for the most heart-wrenching romance of 2011?

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Here are a few of the most romantic films we’ve seen hit our screens last year:

The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga

Based on the award-winning novels by Stephenie Meyer, these stories of vampires and werewolves are arguably the most romantic we’ve seen over the last decade. The theme of eternal love is examined in a modern, fantastic setting, helped along by the broody looks of Robert Patterson as the ever-attractive Edward. Although this most recent sequel is Twilight at its darkest, romance is still the pull and focus of the story. And to add further to the theme, the two protagonists are happily together in real life and are even reportedly spending Christmas together.

The Adjustment Bureau

Another Matt Damon film, another action-packed struggle against a sea of faceless villains. But this time he’s fighting for love, his assailants the agents of fate. No matter how hard their enemies try to prevent it, ballerina Elise and politician David keep bumping into each other and are determined to have their lives together, however much it may strain against their destinies. Super-natural, thrilling, unique and deeply romantic.

One Day

David Nicholls’s hugely successful novel One Day was adapted to screenplay by the author, filmed and released this year. It details the lives of one couple on the 15th of July each year for two decades, examining their ups and downs, following their heart-filled struggle. Another very romantic premise.

Jane Eyre

Probably the most romantic novel ever written, this Charlotte Bronte classic has been again adapted for screen. Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester are a match made in heaven, combating social etiquette, crazy ex-wives and scarring bodily injuries over their lengthy courtship. Two relative unknowns play out this age-old love story with touching depth in a thoughtful adaptation.

The Inbetweeners

If I said ‘controversial, modern comedy’ you may think of a plot involving the increasingly popular habit of meeting people over a free dating site, or other technologically advanced ways of handling romance. But The Inbetweeners take a different approach, setting their romance in a depraved, alcohol-fuelled clubbing resort in Greece. After several hours of cringed-filled comedy, the film concludes in a surprisingly romantic way. Definitely my romance of the year.

There have been many epic romances of 2011 and there are sure to be many more in 2012.

Talk Back: Have any favorites you’d like to add? Post a comment below…

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