Gift Ideas

Gifts to Get Your Long Distance Love

They all fit in an envelope!


  • Make your sweetie a friendship braclet. Don’t know how to make them?
  • Lather your lips with red lipstick and kiss a small index card. Have it laminated or cover it with saran wrap to preserve.
  • Write out the words to “your song” on fancy paper
  • Love Notes: try these printable love notes
  • A picture of you blowing kisses to your love
  • Use a computer graphics program to create a “World’s Best Boyfriend/Girlfriend” or “Best Kisser” certificate for your partner. Include their picture if you have one.
  • Search for jokes on the Internet and print them out to send to your love.
  • A prepaid calling card
  • Create a puzzle with a personal message for your sweetie to put together.
  • A postcard from your city so he/she can see what it looks like
  • Pictures of the inside of your house or apartment. Don’t you ever wonder what theirsurroundings look like?
  • A gift certificate to their favorite store
  • A photocopy of your hands. Arrange them to form the outline of a heart, click hereto see a diagram that illustrates this.
  • A list of 101 things you love about your partner
  • A mushy card
  • A piece of material scented with your perfume or cologne
  • If you want to get kinky, send a pair of your panties or erotic polaroid pictures of yourself.
  • A meaningful poem
  • A lucky coin


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