Do Men Like to Receive Flowers?

We asked the guys over in the romance forum if they’d like it if a woman gave them flowers. Typically we see men giving women flowers, would a guy think it is cool to receive them?

  1. “No thanks. I wouldn’t be that appreciative if I got flowers.” – Publius
  2. “I personally have received bouquets a few times, and love it. The flowers themselves aren’t that big a deal, but the fact that she’s thinking of me and took the time and effort to make the arrangements is pretty cool.” – Blusky
  3. “It’s a nice gesture, but what would I do with them? I don’t like having to keep up with stuff so they’d just sit at work (or wherever I received them) until I could remember to take them home. The thought was sweet, but I’d rather receive candy or something that I can eat!” – Myke
  4. “I agree with Myke, but I’d have to say that candy is not the sort of thing for me. Maybe sushi or some french bread… or a sub from Subway. I’m a “meat and starch” sort of guy.” – BCM
  5. “I would love if I got flowers. It shows they are thinking about me.” – Heartbroken1
  6. “YES!” – W0If
  7. “I would appreciate the thought, but would prefer some other method. You know, like treat me to dinner, or something.” – SteveM

Guys, what do you think? Would you like receiving flowers from your gal? Scroll down and post your comments.