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Do Men Like to Receive Flowers?

We asked the guys over in the romance forum if they’d like it if a woman gave them flowers. Typically we see men giving women flowers, would a guy think it is cool to receive them?

  1. “No thanks. I wouldn’t be that appreciative if I got flowers.” – Publius
  2. “I personally have received bouquets a few times, and love it. The flowers themselves aren’t that big a deal, but the fact that she’s thinking of me and took the time and effort to make the arrangements is pretty cool.” – Blusky
  3. “It’s a nice gesture, but what would I do with them? I don’t like having to keep up with stuff so they’d just sit at work (or wherever I received them) until I could remember to take them home. The thought was sweet, but I’d rather receive candy or something that I can eat!” – Myke
  4. “I agree with Myke, but I’d have to say that candy is not the sort of thing for me. Maybe sushi or some french bread… or a sub from Subway. I’m a “meat and starch” sort of guy.” – BCM
  5. “I would love if I got flowers. It shows they are thinking about me.” – Heartbroken1
  6. “YES!” – W0If
  7. “I would appreciate the thought, but would prefer some other method. You know, like treat me to dinner, or something.” – SteveM

Guys, what do you think? Would you like receiving flowers from your gal? Scroll down and post your comments.

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3 thoughts on “Do Men Like to Receive Flowers?

  • Gabriel

    Altough my girlfriend is not a big fan of flowers she like the gesture and the tought that i think of her…I always buy flowers for my girlfriend. I like flowers, i actually love them… i always buy flowers. Sometimes i even buy her flower beacuse i want to have them around :D

  • Truhfully, I’d kinda like flowers. Like some of the oher guys said above, It IS the thought, and it IS nice to know that your loved one would take the time out of their day to put all this together, so yeah, Flowers are pretty cool. :)

  • I would have to agree with some of the other men. I personally would not care to receive flowers. I would appreciate the thought but not the flowers themselves. I would rather have a romantic dinner or tickets to a ball game, something that we would both enjoy. Yes ladies I am single…..

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