Long Distance Romance Tips

Instant Messengers

The instant messengers (AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.) are great for long distance relationships. If you both have Internet access and can download the software, I suggest that you download one of these free messengers. My girlfriend and I use two of the messenger services and we talk almost every night. – Submitted by Dvalcon

Personalized Puzzle

Write a letter or find a picture of something you two have shared. Paste the letter/picture to a piece of cardboard and cut it into puzzle pieces. Send your long distance love a few pieces every other day in the mail. – Submitted by David

Handmade Calendar

Have someone take pictures of you, develop them, and make a calendar. The way I did it was to get card paper and glue a rose border on each piece. I then color copied and enlarged the pictures and pasted them on the paper. Then I printed out boxes on the computer for the days and decorated each week (or month). I then tied them all together with ribbon and sent it to him in the mail as a countdown for when he moved here. He loved it. He got to see me everyday, and the fact that it took so much time and effort really touched him. – Submitted by Renee M.

Scented Letters

When I was in a long distance relationship I used to send my boyfriend letters sprayed with my perfume. I would also soak pieces of material with my perfume because it lasted longer than the perfume on my letters. He loved it! – Submitted by Chelsea

Long Distance Dinner

Send your long distance love dinner by calling a restaurant where he/she lives and having them deliver his or her favorite meal. – Submitted by LO

Record a Message

Instead of sending your love a hand-written letter this week, get a blank tape and microphone, and talk to him/her. This is great if you don’t get to talk over the phone much…they can listen to the tape whenever they want to hear your voice. – Submitted by Laura

Care Packages

Send a care package with a tape of songs you listened the last time you were together, some of his favorite candy, and something silly – like a little stuffed toy or a rock you picked up on a walk. Tell your sweetie that you wish they’d been with you when you were shopping, or on your walk because you couldn’t stop thinking about them. It’s a great way to let your love know you’re thinking about them. – Submitted by Leah

Clever Flower Idea

Find out her house address, and the phone number for a florist where she lives. Then some day, when you know she’ll be home, call the florist, order the flowers and have them delivered to her house. You will have to pay with your credit card, and everything will be done over the phone, seeing as you don’t live in her city. Don’t tell her that you are going to send her flowers, this is really a great surprise! She’ll be very impressed that you went to all that effort, and what a great surprise! Also, tell the florist what you want written on the little card, and they’ll write it for you. – Submitted H.A.F

Long Distance Love Song Dedication

This is an excellent twist to the usual ‘dedicate a song on the radio’ for those of you in a long distance relationship. First, find out what radio station he/she listens to, and what time of day they listen to it most often (such as in the car on the way to work, or in the morning as they get ready). You’ll probably have to ask your love these questions, but try to do it as casually as possible…if you’re lucky it’ll just come up in conversation sometime. Once you find this out, track down the phone number for that radio station (call directory assistance, look on the internet, peek at a phone book while you are visiting).

Now you have the phone number, call the radio station and ask if they would play a request…beg! If they agree, pick a sentimental song and have them play it at the time when you know your love be listening, they will most likely give a little message before playing the song so tell them what you want them to say [ie: “This next song is for (insert their name here), from (insert your name here)].” WOW! What a great surprise! – Submitted by Sasha

Webpage of Love

Make a webpage in your love’s honor. Include poety, thoughts, pictures, romantic messages, the story of how you met, etc). – Submitted by Pietro

Book or Memories

I saved every email my boyfriend and I sent each other since the day we met. On our one year anniversary I printed them all out and separated them by month. For every month, I made a cover page that summarized all of the important and sentimental things we did that month. I also included pictures of us that we took during these times. I had all of the pages bound into a hard-covered book, and had “Forever Love” inscribed on the cover. It was really cool to be able to go through our emails and remember all of the thoughts and feelings we were experiencing day by day, and we could actually see our love growing stronger each day. It was almost like reading a fairy-tale. I’m already working on next year’s book. – Submitted by Michelle

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