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Understanding Men

Love is a mystery for most of us and often, we feel insecure about whether or not it will last. Men crave to be understood more than you’ll ever know. Here are a few simple secrets every woman should know:

  • Men need to feel successful, so-much-so that, to a man, failure is death. For them, if they fail, they no longer feel like men. It’s why men commit suicide more often than women. 
  • Men are most attracted to happy women who genuinely like themselves and
    who enjoy being women. When you’re happy, he feels successful. When you’re a
    bottomless pit who never seems pleased by anything he does, he finally gets
    worn out and leaves. 
  • Men hate it when a woman tries to change them. What it tells them is that
    they’re not okay the way they are. That makes them feel attacked, which
    makes them put up defenses against those attacks…against you. A defended
    man cannot love a woman the way she wants. You can help him dismantle those
    defenses and once again open his heart to loving you…like in the beginning
    of your relationship when he thought you were the most wonderful woman on
    the planet. 
  • Since they were boys, men have been taught not to feel. “Pick yourself up,
    don’t cry, be a man.” Those messages were taken to heart and as men, the
    only person they feel at all comfortable being intimate with, sharing at
    least a little of what’s going on inside of them, is their wife. He’ll begin
    to share things he may have never told you before, no matter how long you’ve
    been married. You really are his only source of intimacy. 
  • When you get engaged it’s the beginning of a fantasy-come-true. But he
    didn’t pretend to be married when he was a boy, he doesn’t buy “Groom” magazine
    and plan his wedding. For him, it’s very much a financial decision and a
    willingness to take on some very big responsibilities. When you understand
    what he’s going through, he’ll see how unique and special you really are. He
    won’t want to risk losing you.


Men Made EasyWith Men Made Easy, you’ll go inside the well-guarded private world of men, inside their heart, and understand what makes men fall in love, what makes them WANT to get married, and what makes them never want to do anything to risk losing you. You’ll actually understand men even better than they understand themselves. They crave that understanding more than you can imagine. You’ll become the most appealing, attractive, irresistible women they’ve ever known.

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Kara Oh

Kara Oh is the creator of AliveWithLove.com, and author of "Men Made Easy" - discover what's going on inside his head and what it takes to win his heart!

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  • nomcebo

    Men want to feel loved and respected.They are very sensitive,they want to feel very important,

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