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Unique Places to Leave Love Notes

We asked you: “Where is your favorite place to leave lovenotes for your partner?”. The results came in and they are very impressive! The visitors here are definitely romantic people. Here are their excellent suggestions, use this list as inspiration.

  1. In his shoes before he goes to work
  2. I leave my girlfriend little notes in her lunch bag everyday
  3. Under the pillows
  4. Every time we go on a trip I get at least 2 cards from the Hallmark shop. When I carry her bags to the car I unzip each one and stick a card in the middle of the bag. Later when she finds them I get a wonderful hug and a kiss.
  5. I leave love notes in my husband’s laptop bag at night so he will discover them first thing in the morning at work.
  6. My husband and I read a lot, so I will find his current book and slip a note in his marked page.
  7. On his car while he’s at work. He finds them after a hard day, and it makes him happy.
  8. I use Window’s Paint to write my girlfriend lovenotes, then I save them on her computer as the ‘wallpaper’
  9. In his shirt pocket before he leaves for work.
  10. Every morning when I leave for work I leave a Lovenote for my Sweetheart on the edge of the Jacuzzi
  11. On the bathroom mirror in lipstick, or the steam of his shower…lately I have discovered washable markers – he loves it!
  12. Inside his class notebook on the page after the last page he had written on.
  13. I like to leave them on the driver?s seat of his car.
  14. I like to tape them to the back window of the car. When he turns around to back out he sees it.
  15. In his wallet
  16. On his steering wheel
  17. Under his windsheild wiper
  18. Sometimes I sneak them into his briefcase
  19. Around the bedroom so she finds it while getting ready for work
  20. I like to leave notes in one of his pants or jacket pockets
  21. I leave them everywhere! The bathroom, the refrigerator, in his truck, his hat, his shoes, his golf bag, etc.
  22. On his pillow
  23. On his voicemail or on my voicemail so when he calls me HE gets a special surprise.
  24. In the shower, on a bottle of really good smelling shampoo. That way, he is all mushy–and naked!
  25. Write in the steam that collects on the mirror when you take a shower…then it will appear when your wife/husband/partner next takes a shower.
  26. On the sun viser
  27. In her mailbox
  28. Dating women in college I would have to say text books.
  29. I type out notes and use them as screen savers on her computer
  30. In her checkbook and in her purse
  31. In little conspicuous boxes around the house
  32. Pinned on her teddy bear before I leave for work.
  33. In her locker
  34. My husband works graveyards, so when he goes to bed I put a present, card or love letter in the car. Then, when he goes to work at 2:00 am he has a nice little suprise waiting for him.
  35. I like to hide a note in his suitcase just before he leaves town for business.
  36. Instead of actually writing out lovenotes I sometimes go to my husband’s work and leave hershey’s kisses on the hood of his card. I’m making a statement without actually making a statement. He loves it!
  37. I like to leave messages written in soap on the mirror.
  38. In the sugar bowl…because he has coffee with sugar every morning
  39. I leave little love notes in all of my boyfriends traveling bags. Since he is in the marines, he is always coming and going and putting notes where I know he will find them in the near future is a warm feeling
  40. I am a waitress and he takes the ketchup bottle and writes “I love you” on the table with it…that’s the only mess I don’t mind cleaning up!!

  41. On the closet door
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