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A Week of Romance

A week of romance is a great way to give your relationship an injection of “sparks” if it has been feeling dull – or if your sweetheart has been dropping “I want more romance!” hints.

We doubt you’ll be surprised to hear that the hard part isn’t the execution, it’s coming up with the romantic ideas. That’s why we want to help with a 7-day week of romance plan to take the stress out of something that should invoke happiness, not frustration. has an entire section dedicated to romance tips if those below aren’t enough.


  • Have flowers delivered to her at work.
  • Surprise your love by arriving home with his favorite candy or snack.


  • Leave a love note for your sweetie to find during the day. Try: on the driver’s seat of the car, with their lunch, on the bathroom mirror, on their desk.
  • When you arrive home from work (or being out) seek out your love as soon as you get home. Give her a kiss, tell her you love her and ask her about her day. Make this a new habit.
  • When your husband or wife arrives home from work, take her hand and pull her towards you for a hug, kiss and “I missed you today”. Make this a new welcome home tradition.


  • Have a lunch date with your love.
  • Send them a text afterwards saying how much you enjoyed the time together.


  • Buy a box of sidewalk chalk. Draw a large red heart on your driveway or sidewalk and write “I love you” with their name in the middle.
  • Offer to give him or her a shoulder rub


  • Cook dinner for your husband or wife and dine by candlelight.


  • If the weather is appropriate, take a walk through a nature trail together.
  • If the weather is not appropriate, spend the afternoon inside playing board games and talking; or
  • Cuddle on the couch and watch a romantic movie together


  • Spend extra time in bed this morning just talking. Or call your boy or girlfriend just to say goodnight.
  • Make a list of 25 reasons why you love your partner and present it to him or her.
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