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Get Romantic with Flowers

  1. When my friend’s wife gave birth, he had 9 dozen roses separately delivered to her one hour a part. On the last bouquet, he wrote that each dozen was for each month that she carried their baby. Note: because this is so expensive you will probably want to just use a single rose each time.
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  2. Instead of having flowers delivered, you should take time out of your busy schedule to deliver the flowers yourself. This works especially well if she’s at work. You not only get to see her reaction but you’ll definitely score points with her friends and co-workers! Sounds simple, but it works!

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  3. Send your love an envelope full of rose petals early in the day before a date. When you come to pick her up, have a stem with one petal left. Tell her: “He loves you”.

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  4. Make a list of a dozen things you enjoy about your mate. Send a dozen roses to her with a ribbon on each rose attaching a note with one of the items from your list. Variation – on your anniversary send a dozen with the name of each month hung off each flower.

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  5. Bring her a rose for no reason, when you hand it to her whisper in her ear: “I wanted to show this rose what real beauty was.”
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  6. Women love flowers, roses to be specific. So, buy the special lady in your life a dozen roses and include a note: ” One day these roses will wilt, never will my feelings for you”.
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  7. Buy your wife a dozen roses(live) and put them in a nice vase with one “fake” rose in the middle. Place a note beside the vase which says: “I will love you until the last rose in this vase dies.” (the “fake” rose will never die).
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  8. Give your love 11 white roses and 1 red rose, and have the red rose in the center of the bouquet. Include a note that says: “Thank you for standing out in my life…”
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  9. Put a single rose under his/her windshield wiper…attach a note.
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  10. My girlfriend just moved and didn’t have any vases to put flowers in. She loves getting flowers so I went to an arts and crafts store and bought a couple of inexpensive vases, then I painted them. Finally I took wooden letters and glued them to the vases. One had our initials with a couple of hearts and the other had a “love message” using our pet names. Finally I filled them with flowers and left them where she would find them.

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  11. A married friend of mine works an evening shift, her husband works a very early morning shift, so when she gets home from work he is already in bed. Sometimes when she crawls into bed she is greeted by rose petals that he has sprinkled on her side of the bed.
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  12. Pick your love a bouquet of wild flowers. This would be very sweet if you did it on the way home from work and had them for her when you walked in the door. You could tell her that you saw them while driving home and they were so beautiful that you wanted her to have them.
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  13. While your partner is asleep, take a long stemmed rose (red and white are preferred as they tend to have more of an aroma) and use it like a paint brush and gently stroke your partner awake. Feather light kisses accompany this tip nicely!
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