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Little Things (Little Romantic Gestures)

Romance doesn’t always come in big packages…sometimes the greatest things are the littlest things.

  1. Wake up early and scrape the snow or ice off your loved ones car windshield.
    Submitted by Andrea | Visitors rated it: 8.5/10
  2. Being a gentleman is becoming a lost art. When you go out, offer her your arm, and escort her everywhere. A nice little addition is to entangle your fingers with hers.
    Submitted by Isaac | Visitors rated it: 8.66/10
  3. Offer to help do something or just take over a little, like with cooking or being one step ahead.
    Submitted by Patti | Visitors rated it: 8.83/10
  4. When you pick her up for a date or go to her place for a visit, take her hand, smile, and tell her she looks beautiful.
    Submitted by Jasmine | Visitors rated it: 8.48/10
  5. Cuddle up to your sweetie while watching a movie or falling asleep and run your fingers through his/her hair, lovingly caress their face, shoulders, hands and arms. Give them little kisses on the side of their neck and top of their head.
    Submitted by Paul | Visitors rated it: 9.33/10
  6. Does your partner work out? Tell him how good he looks, how sexy his muscles are, etc. One of my guy friends loves when his girlfriend asks him to flex his biceps when he gets back from the gym, then she squeezes them and makes various comments about how big they are. Although that may seem fake or corny to some, he thinks it’s “the sweetest thing”.
    Submitted by Bridgette | Visitors rated it: 8.29/10
  7. While walking together hand-in-hand, look over at your sweetie and smile while giving their hand a loving squeeze. Combine this with “I love you”, for extra sweetness.
  8. If your sweetie reads the newspaper, or some magazine, get ahold of it before they get a chance to read it and open to a page they are likely to read (such as sport’s or the funnies). On that page write in big letters: “I Love You (insert their name here)!”.
    Submitted by Melanie | Visitors rated it: 8.45/10
  9. Compliment your man. Women receive compliments all the time, but men don’t receive them nearly enough. Tell him he’s a great father, the best husband, the most romantic guy in the world, a great provider for the family. Tell him how loved he makes you feel when he does such and such. You get the picture. :)
    Submitted by Craig | Visitors rated it: 8.89/10
  10. When your love arrives home from work take her hand and pull her towards you for a hug, kiss and “I missed you today”.
    Submitted by Richard P. | Visitors rated it: 9.22/10
  11. Unlock and open your girlfriend’s side of the car door first.
    Submitted by Ryan | Visitors rated it: 9.36/10
  12. If your significant other gets nervous when you drive fast or crazy while she is in the car, then be sure to drive extra safely when she is with you.
    Submitted by Gina | Visitors rated it: 9.25/10
  13. Surprise your love by arriving home with their favorite candy, snack, or icecream.
    Submitted by Pete | Visitors rated it: 8.0/10
  14. Wake your love up tomorrow with kisses on their face and lips.
    Submitted by Yusif | Visitors rated it: 9.01/10
  15. Have a warm bubble bath waiting for your partner when they arrive home from a long day at work…if he/she likes baths.
    Submitted by Terri | Visitors rated it: 8.61/10
  16. Arrive home from work with a single red rose for your wife or girlfriend.
    Submitted by Gavin | Visitors rated it: 7.29/10

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One thought on “Little Things (Little Romantic Gestures)

  • Leave little love notes either on paper or written in lipstick on the mirror in the morning for your lover to see first thing in the morning.

    Leave love notes or a romantic card in his/her briefcase.

    Show up at his/her office for a nice inside picnic lunch.

    On a rainy day cuddle up with a blanket and listen to the rain fall.

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