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9 Steps to Approaching Someone

How many times have you been somewhere and seen someone interesting, but haven’t had the foggiest idea how to meet that person?

Well, here is exactly what to do and say to be able to meet whomever you want to meet.

1. Feel confident and good about yourself – Before you approach someone, concentrate on something you feel good about.

2. Make eye contact – Hold their glance for longer than a second.

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3. Smile – Smiling is just as important as making eye contact.

4. Be aware of your body language – Make sure you have good posture.

5. Introduce yourself – Say “hello” and tell the person your name and a give firm handshake.

6. Courtesy – Open a door, pull up a chair, offer to get something for them.

7. Take a friend where you go – Sometimes a friend might strike up a conversation easier with the person you’re interested in than you.

8. Ask them to dance – Asking them to dance is a great way to let someone know that you find them attractive.

9. Buy a person a drink – Whether or not the person responds to the fact that you bought them the drink, walk over and introduce yourself anyway. Even if you don’t feel confident, want to smile, sit up straight, or introduce yourself, PRETEND like you do, and DO IT ANYWAY!

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Ellen Kreidman

Ellen Kreidman is the author of "Light Her Fire", a truly awesome book! Men, check out "Light Her Fire". As a teacher, author, and seminar speaker on relationships for over 18 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman is dedicated to enriching people's lives and improving relationships around the world.

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