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How Women Love to Be Kissed

Ahhh…kissing, snogging, making out, no matter how you call it, for something so important (and fun!) there is not a lot of advice out there on how to do it really well.

How often do women tell you exactly how they dream of being kissed and what moves give them goosebumps?

You want to know these things!

So we surveyed over 2000 women and asked them: “How do you love to be kissed?”.

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Below is a sampling of the responses received, word-for-word!

How Women Love to Be Kissed

“I love when my boyfriend breathes warm air behind my ear, then gives me soft warm kisses on my neck and shoulders.” (Paulette, 31)

It drives me crazy when he sucks my tongue!” (Sherry, 24)

I love when my partner talks while kissing me. It can be done and it is very appealing! Try saying something like: ‘open your eyes’ or ‘take down your hair'” (Leanne, 18)

I love it when my boyfriend pulls away just to look into my eyes for a moment.” (Angie, 28)

“I love when my partner groans while we’re kissing, and when he seems more interested in the kiss than I am.” (Tessa, age unknown)

“I love when my partner runs his fingers through my hair until he reaches the back of my head where he cups it gently and pulls me near him. Then he slowly lets his fingers drag down my neck back up to the side of my face.” (Connie, 18)

“I love when he pins me against the wall and lets my hair down, strokes my cheek, then kisses me on the mouth.” (Bridgette, 34)

“I love when my partner flicks his tongue behind my earlobe, it drives me insane!” (Trisha, age unknown)

“My boyfriend does this thing that drives me crazy, I LOVE it. While we are kissing we slow it down and he breaks apart until our lips are barely touching and with his tongue he traces my upper and lower lip.” (Angel, 36)

“I love when my boyfriend comes up behind me and puts his arms around my waist. Then he begins to kiss the back of my neck, and slowly turns me around to face him. We kiss deeply.” (Sue, 18)

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  • I love it when we come eye to eye. his deep eyes tell me he wants me. the way i move forward to him slowly whist smiling, that soft toach of his lips toach mine, then slowly kiss. then he goes below to my neck… i love it when he kisses my neck, his hands feeling my body passionately. i just let myself go for him, cos i know he deserves me

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