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I am going to tell you about a powerful technique for attracting women. I will speak of it from my own perspective, but this does not mean that I am the only woman out there that you will make weak in the knees. This simple seduction trick that I’m speaking of is saying a woman’s name.

There is nothing like hearing a guy I’m attracted to say my name…especially when it takes me by surprise. Catching me offguard is good for you because use of my name at those times will not go unnoticed. I have seen my attraction level for a man go from mild interest to ‘can’t get him out of mind’ just by him using my name at key points in a conversation. This is very powerful, and it only takes one conversation to have me hooked if you play your cards right.

In lue of this article I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why saying my name is so strongly connected with my becoming interested in you. I was able to come up with a few theories, so here they are:

  1. The big factor is when you use my name at unexpected or unneccessary points in the conversation. For example: “Hi Tabitha” is a common thing to hear, but “Nice to meet you Tabitha” or “What do you think Tabitha?” or “Would you like a drink Tabitha?” or “Goodbye Tabitha” (in ending a conversation) is not so common. At those times inserting my name is more deliberate, so it catches me offguard and grabs my attention. That is key, once it catches me offguard I notice it, and once I notice it I think about it and once I think about it I think about you. Part of me feels that you must like my name if you use it often.
  2. When you use my name I feel that you like my name, and I then feel that you like me. It’s a chain reaction that I really have very little control over. I’m smiling right now thinking about how true that is. I sometimes find myself gauging a man’s level of interest in me by how often, and when, he uses my name.
  3. Hearing a man say my name can be very sexy (tenfold when he’s whispering). I’m not alone here. I know a woman, who many years ago was dating a guy who always told her that he loved her name. She said that because he loved her name so much he used it frequently. Sometimes while kissing her he would just say her name and nothing else….she said that this gave her chills through her entire body.

    It is sexy because the male voice itself is sexy (well, most of the time), and when you combine the effect of saying my name with the effect of a deep male voice…wow.

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    If you really want fireworks to go off while kissing her, move up to her ear and whisper her name.

  4. Saying my name makes me feel special. Anyone can carry on a conversation with me without ever needing to use my name; but when a guy makes a point of plugging “Tabitha” into sentences, it personalizes the conversation. It makes me feel that he likes my name, that he likes saying my name, that he enjoys talking to me, and that he is trying to connect with me. I think that is the number one reason why hearing my name “lights my fire”.

Have I convinced you of this power you can have? This suggestion does not take practice, you just do it! You can start on the next woman you talk to. Try to soften your voice when you use her name, it sounds more caring. Also, like everything else…be careful not to overuse this. Do not say her name in every sentence, do not even use it in half of your sentences…three times in each conversation is enough.

If you are in a relationship right now don’t hesitate to try this on your partner. Instead of just telling him/her you love her tonight, try “I Love You (insert name here)” or instead of goodnight try “Goodnight (insert name here)”.

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