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Wow Your Date

What’s the difference between a date that leaves a woman telling her friends, “It was just a date, same old same old” and a date that leaves a woman thinking “Wow!”? It has a lot to do with how well you court her.

Ordinary: Let her decide how your date will be spent.

Wow!: Get feedback about what kind of things she likes and doesn’t like, then plan the date yourself. Women love a man with a plan.

Ordinary: Honk your horn when you arrive to pick her up.

Wow!: Walk to her door and then escort her to your car.

Ordinary: Unlock her car door first.

Wow!: Unlock her door first, open it for her, hold it while she gets in then shut it after she is seated comfortably. (remember to do this everytime you get in the car)

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Ordinary: Tell her she looks nice.

Wow!: Give her a juicy compliment and notice something specific about what she wearing or the way she did her hair. Ex. “Wow, that dress is incredible…you look amazing!”

Ordinary: Listen when she talks.

Wow!: Ask questions to get her to talk more, about herself.

Ordinary: If you smoke ask her permission before you light up.

Wow!: Save smoking for when you get home. Don’t mention it and don’t ask, even if she loathes cigarette smoke she will probably say she doesn’t mind to be polite. Never put a date in such a situation.

Ordinary: Whoever knows what they want first, orders first.

Wow!: Let her order first, and wait patiently while she decides.

Ordinary: Ask for a pitcher of water.

Wow!: When her drink is almost empty ask her if she would like another. Then take it upon yourself to summon the waiter/waitress and order it.

Really good: Pay the bill.

Wow!: If she excuses herself towards the end of the meal to go the restroom take that time to pay the bill, or ask to be excused yourself and go pay the bill. As you leave she will most likely ask about the bill and you can casually tell her that you paid it while she was in the restroom or that you payed it on the way to the restroom.

Ordinary: Drive her home.

Wow!: Drive her home, then walk her to the door and wait until she is safely inside before you leave.

Ordinary: Tell her you will call her.

Wow!: Tell her that you had a great time, she is very interesting/fun, and that you will call her at the first of the week. Make good of your promise.

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Alanna Brooks

Alanna is a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributer to GetRomantic.com and we love her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style!

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