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10 Ways to Compliment Men

  1. Express sincere interest in something he does that he takes pride in. This could be a sport he plays, volunteer work he does, a hobby, his job, etc. If you would like to know more, ask questions. If you would like to watch him play hockey, go watch one of his games. Be sincere, don’t pretend to be interested in something that totally bores you, just to please him.
  2. Laugh at his jokes. Be careful not to overdo it, you’ll be sure to annoy him if you turn into a giggling teenager whenever he speaks. Just don’t be shy about laughing, if you naturally see the humor in his jokes or sarcasm he’ll enjoy being around you.
  3. Admire him. If you put your mind to it you can find something admirable about everyone. So, discover something about him that you really like and compliment him on that. It could be his skills as a carpenter, his intelligence, how romantic he is, his super friendly personality, etc.
  4. Appreciate the things he does for you. If he takes you out for diner, tell him how good the food is, how nice the restaurant is, how much you are enjoying yourself, anything positive about the time you spend together is good.
  5. Compliment him on a job well done. Did he fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom? Did he solve a big problem at work? Handle a crisis well? Tell him he did a good job, and compliment something specific about what he did. For example, if he renovated the kitchen, tell him how much you love the new cupboards he made.
  6. Tell him he looks good. Find something about his appearance that you really like and point it out to him. His full lips, sexy legs, or gorgeous smile.
  7. Compliment his skills/technique in bed. It seems to be general knowledge that men love when a woman gives them sexual compliments. Some women are shy about this, but they shouldn’t be, a great deal of a man’s sexual satisfaction comes from knowing that he is satisfying his partner.
  8. If he works out compliment his great posture, or even better – if he has great posture ask him if he works out. Compliment his muscle control, his endurance, etc.
  9. Ask him for help. If he is at the gym doing the leg press and you don’t know how to use it, go ask him to show you. If your car hasn’t been working, ask if he would look at it. The point here is that he gets to be the expert, by helping you he feels smart, competent, and complimented. 
  10. Compliment his relationship skills. This is great because if you say something like: “I really like when you hug me for no reason” he will feel happy because you are pleased by him, and so he will do more of what he knows pleases you. You both benefit from this. Compliment his listening skills, how understanding he is, how generous he is, take notice of all the sweet romantic things he does for you, etc.
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Alanna Brooks

Alanna is a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributer to GetRomantic.com and we love her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style!

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Compliment Men

  • PS. Sorry for a few typos including “over due” which I meant to say “over do” :)

  • I’m gay so I’m also interested in this top 10 list. I often date bisexual men who are often coming out of the closet. These men have similar emotional needs as a straight man, I’ve found all these things above actually do work. But I have issues with number 9. It’s good to ask for help but “don’t be a mooch”. I’ve had female friends as well as gay who only act very nice to a straight or bi man simply so they can get stuff from him. I love #9 but this is one that we should not over due. Also just because a man might help you with the leg press at the gym or fix your car doesn’t actually mean he is interested in you… he simply might be being friendly. Either way asking too much of a man and constantly getting favors will eventually have the opposite affect than the flattery you intended even though the straight or bi man will still help you (often he is in love with you or he’s simply being a nice man). But often times I hear men in private say “wow that woman next door is hot and I love her to death but she is using me and that makes me feel horrible” even though in public he’s put on a good poker face and acts like she is flattering him by constantly asking for favors and help. So, tone it down. Pick and Choose the right time and things to ask help with. Don’t over due the favor asking and remember, just because he’s nice to you doesn’t mean he is interested. A lot of men simply feel it’s their duity as a man to be helpful. I love the whole top ten list here but I feel it’s my experience that number 9 can be a mixed blessing and should be approached with respect and careful consideration. I’m not saying “not to do number 9” because I think it’s great advice, just remember that he’s a man not a cash machine or robot that fixes stuff for you. He’s got a heart too even if he has trouble showing it. His heart can be hurt if he feels used.

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