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Could 127 million American women be wrong? Despite what men and women think they know about each other, a new survey reveals the two genders don’t know each other as well as they think. In fact, according to this survey of the opposite sexes about their perceptions of men’s behavior, men may deserve more credit than women give them.

The Seagram’s VO Gold “It’s What Men Do” survey reveals some interesting and often humorous differences between the sexes and begs the question: Are male stereotypes perpetuated by men’s actual behavior, or by women’s expectations of bad behavior? Here’s what the survey found:

Take Heart

When it comes to romance more than half of the women surveyed, 53 percent, think men would rather spend a night out with the boys than a romantic evening with their sweethearts. Yet, nearly three in four men (73 percent) said they’d prefer a romantic evening at home. Interestingly, it looks as if romance does not die with marriage, as married men were 14 percent more likely than unmarried men to prefer an intimate night of romance.

Ogle Eyes

Men and women both know when it comes to romance, time spent together is as much about quality as it is quantity. So how do men behave when they are with their significant other? More than two out of every three men surveyed insisted they never ogle at other women in front of their girlfriends or wives, yet nearly the same number of women (62 percent) said men have “checked out the competition” in front of them.

Truth or Dare

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Lying to the one you love is a sure way to put out the romantic flame. This may be troubling news to men, since most women have serious doubts about how truthful men are when responding to common questions. Nearly 8 in 10 women reported that they believe men lie about where they have been, while only 21 percent of men admit to telling tales. Women also believe men lie about their age (48 percent), weight (64 percent), waist size (55 percent) and whether they color their hair (68 percent). Men see themselves as more honest and less vain than women perceive them to be as 70 percent of men claimed to lie about none of the above, while only 5 percent of women gave them as much credit!

Chick Flicks

When it comes to taking their wives to a “chick flick,” the married man doesn’t go the extra mile. Single men (30 percent) would rather make the sacrifice to sit through another one of those not-so-tough guy movies to please their woman as opposed to only 19 percent of married men. But women seem to know what movies make men’s hearts race. Nearly 30 percent of women named “The Godfather” as men’s favorite classic movie — the exact same percentage of men who named it their favorite.

Oops, I forgot

Thankfully it is what you get not when you get it, because the majority of women surveyed by VO Gold (94 percent) believe that men do last-minute shopping for anniversary and birthday gifts. Admittedly not perfect in the gift-giving category, men claim making the last-minute rush for anniversary (57 percent) and birthday (64 percent) gifts.

Dream Date

When asked what celebrity they would most like to date, the majority of men chose Julia Roberts as their dream date. Jennifer Lopez (19 percent) ranked second overall but was more popular with younger men. Coincidently, 36 percent of women think Julia Roberts is the celebrity men would most want to date.

Size Matters

Men and women agree that men are unlikely to consider dating a taller woman (46 percent and 32 percent respectively).

Stop in the Name of Love

While men may stop for love, women are significantly less likely than their male counterparts to believe that men would stop and ask for directions when lost. In fact, nearly half (46 percent) of the men surveyed — more than six-fold the number of women — say they are extremely likely to ask for help.

Guy’s Guy

Men (36 percent) and women (37 percent) alike describe themselves/men as a “guy’s guy.”

While few women would argue that today’s men have brought back the Age of Chivalry, men would argue women aren’t giving them enough credit for their good behavior. While it’s the traditional “his” word against “hers,” one thing is clear — men at least think they are behaving well, and that’s got to be worth something!

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