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10 Signs He’s Into You

What’s a sure-sign that he’s absolutely crazy about you? When he showers you with flowers? When he gets jealous the minute you look at other men? Or when he stays at your place every night for a week?

Actually – none of the above.

If you’d like to be sure you’re not kidding yourself when you imagine the two of you together in the future – look to the little things he does, not the big showy romantic gestures.

10 Signs He’s Serious About Your Relationship

Here are the most 10 obvious signs that he’s serious about the relationship.

1. He Calls for No Reason

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“Hi, what are you up to?”; “I thought I’d let you know I made a reservation for dinner as I said I would and it’s at 8 o’clock like we agreed” are the kind of comments that give away the real motive for this kind of call; he misses you; is head over heels for you and; can’t go one more second without speaking to you. While you talk he ignores all incoming calls and signs off “I can’t wait to see you again.” Give him extra points for thoughtfulness if he calls you at work and is sensitive enough to realize you can’t chat so he says “I won’t keep you because I know you’re busy but I just needed to hear your voice.”

2. He Turns Up On Time

When he says he’s going to be there on the dot at 8pm, he’s never more than a few minutes late. And on the rare occasion he is held up he pays you the courtesy of calling so you don’t have to needlessly rush to get ready. This kind of punctuality might seem an insignificant thing – but it speaks volumes about his respect for you. It shows that he cares about what you think of him so he wants to demonstrate he’s reliable.

3. He Tunes In To Your Every Word

When you’re in a mid conversation at the cafe he doesn’t play with the fork nor is he distracted by the conversation at the next table. His eyes barely leave your face because he is hanging on every thing you say. He doesn’t dominate the discussion by interrupting, finishing your sentences or taking the conversation in a new direction. He is genuinely listening! It is clear in the way he laughs sincerely when you tell him something funny and responds to what you are saying by giving you is opinions on the subject, making helpful suggestions and sharing his own similar stories.

4. His Friends Know All About You

And it’s not just the usual body talk like how gorgeous you are or what bra size you wear. They know what car you drive, what you do for a living, that you love Japanese food but can’t drink red wine because you get a rash. It’s not like they’ve been asking for these details – it’s just that he can’t stop talking about you 24/7!

5. He Brings Up the “F” Word

Not that one – the other F word – fidelity. Just when you’re worried that he might think you’re dating with no strings attached he says “I want to be clear what we’re doing here – I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend and to me that means being faithful to each other. Do you feel the same way?” With an enormous sense of relief and elation you say “yes” to being his girl and as you kiss passionately and each pledge fidelity, your mutual trust and intimacy immediately grows. It’s official: He considers you a couple.

6. He Takes an Interest in Your Interests

When a guy falls for you in a big way he’ll want to know everything about you and that includes a full understanding of your likes and dislikes. If your hobby is collecting retro furniture he’ll have the good grace to feign interest when you spend all afternoon scouring second hand shops – although he’d rather be home working on his car. Don’t worry – he’s not becoming a “yes” man – he’s simply trying to get closer to you in every part of your life – and sharing your interests is an obvious way to do it.

7. He Gives You a Key to His Place

Not only does this gesture shout “I trust you” it also shows that he’s certain you’re going to be in the picture for a long time to come. Men are often very protective about their domestic domain. They may hold off taking a new girlfriend to their flat in case she thinks the decor is outdated or starts thinking that maybe he’s hinting he’d like her to move in when that’s the last thing on his mind. In light of this, being given the key to his place is like passing an intimation ceremony – now that your relationship has graduated to the next level he is letting go of his bachelor ways and saying “what’s mine is yours”.

8. After Sex He Wants to Cuddle and Chat

No rolling onto his side the second he climaxes and no quick descent into snoresville after a perfunctory cuddle. Instead, the afterglow of sex is charged with emotion, touching and intimate disclosures. He wants to know if you had a great climax and wants to tell you how the earth moved for him as well. Chances are he’s already desiring to make love to you again. Or if he’s too tired to he’ll hold you, stroke your face and nuzzle your neck while the conversation is incredibly intimate.

9. He’s Nice to Your Friends

From the moment he met your friends he made an effort to remember all their names. Now that you’ve been dating a while, he’s considered one of the gang. He talks to your pals about everything from boy troubles to cramps and makes an effort to say all the right things. He’ll also hassle your shy single friends to get up and dance with the two of you so they can enjoy a spin on the floor without feeling like fair game. Don’t presume that being such a SNAG is his second nature – any man who makes an effort to win over his girlfriend’s posse wants to keep her happy and to be around her as much as he possibly can.

10. He Asks for Your Opinion

In just about every decision he makes – from which shirt to wear to a job interview to which kind of car he should buy, he solicits your opinion. This indicates that he respects what you have to say and that he believes you not only have good judgement but have skills, abilities and insights that can help him, improve his life.

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  • Im extra lost,why are men so hard to figure out?but if he wants us,hell put in the extra effort ,im relaxing now.

  • Good for the ones that realized their men are into them =0) for me this was a wake up call for sure he isn’t, so as they say NEXT. Blessings everyone :)

  • connie

    omg, I’m so relieved, my man does all of these things, i mean everything!

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