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How to Tell if He Likes You

Telling when a man likes you isn’t rocket science. There are definite signs, if you care to look. From body language to language patterns he is giving off constant signs as to whether he likes you.

How to Tell if a Man likes a Woman
When You’ve Never Spoken

Is there direct eye contact? Does his smile linger when he sees you? Is his body language open? Ex. Is he sitting with his arms crossed or hanging loosely at his side? Crossed arms are like a no trespassing signal. Open relaxed posture is like a welcome mat.

How to Tell if a Man likes a Woman
When You Have Spoken

Use his body as a road map. Are his eyes focused on you when you speak? Does he find excuses to be in the same room with you? Does he make physical contact when he talks to you? These are just a few signs that he may like you.

Do you have good rapport? Does he laugh at your jokes? Can the two of you talk comfortably for long periods of time?

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How to Tell if a Man likes a Woman
After the First Date

If a guy really likes you he will call, show up on time, and follow up. He actually wants to make a good impression. A man that truly likes you will go beyond common courtesy.

In this respect men aren’t that different than us. If you like someone you go out of your way to be nice to them. Men will do the same for us.

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