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5 Things He’d Love to Hear You Say

Everyone loves to hear a few words of kindness, praises and good thoughts that someone has for them. So do guys! Yes, you might be thinking that women have gained the only right to compliments; then you are living in the Stone Age. Wake up sleeping beauties as we bring you the top 5 reasons that will make your man tickle with amusement and make him feel loved, important and better human being. These tips will definitely make a man fall for you.

5 things men love to hear on a date…

  1. “Then what happened?”
  2. This question would surely make him feel that you are listening to each and every word that he has been talking since the past couple of minutes. Changing the topic, interrupting him or even looking at your nails will make him feel like an idiot talking nonsense. Even if you say “Uh huh” will give him and instant clue about you losing interest in the conversation. But instead, actively bounce comments like, “You’re kidding! What happened next?” or “Go on…” That way, he’ll know you’re indisputably interested versus just being gracious.

  3. “That’s pretty impressive.”
  4. Make him feel like a king. If he is mentioning something like a job promotion or a way to fix his air-conditioner by date, that is definitely something you should not ignore. Rather compliment him for what he has achieved. The key is to feed his ego by cherishing his achievements.

  5. “Thank you.”

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    This word won’t make you smaller in the eyes of your man. But this is just another way to approach his heart. Thank him when he compliments you on the way you look, thank him when he pays the bill; thank him when he drives you back home. Although, don’t use the word unnecessarily, but manners do matter. In the most informal dating scene today, this will make you look a lot sensible and appreciative.

  7. “What do you do when you’re not at work?”
  8. Guys are not the multitasking types. They surely give first preference to their work. But you might get to know some more information about the man once you pop this question. You may even find some new and innovative ideas to spend time with him after work. You may even learn about certain similarities between you and him.

  9. “I’d like to get your outlook on something
  10. Rather than asking for an opinion on shopping, knitting and shoes, try taking his opinion on how to handle a tricky colleague at work or rather if you wish to buy any new gadget like a digital camera or a laptop. Everybody loves to feel useful and he will definitely be of some great help.

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