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Make Him a Sex Object

What causes a man to enjoy the company of one woman over another? It is all about how he feels about himself when he is with her. If you want to attract men you can start by making him feel good.

One of the key things a woman can do to arouse good feelings in a man is compliment him. Start with his physical appearance. “Our society fails to recognize how much the male of the species needs approval of his physical appearance”, says Ellen Kreidman, author of Light his Fire (Dell Publishing, 1989). “Most men, believe it or not, can’t remember the last time they received a compliment on their physical appearance.”

It seems that women are receiving compliments on a daily or weekly basis, but how long has it been since you complimented a man? For the record, most men love being “sex objects” once and awhile, and not only do they love it, they starve for it.

The next time you see a man with sexy legs, or gorgeous eyes I Dare You to walk right up and tell him. The effort will be worth it when you see his face beam, or better yet, when he seeks you out later and strikes up a conversation with you.

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Compliment his…

  1. Broad Shoulders
  2. New Hair Cut
  3. Strong Hands
  4. Blue Eyes
  5. Amazing Body
  6. Well defined calves/biceps/delts…
  7. Sexy Smile
  8. Perfect Chest
  9. Strong Arms
  10. Manly Body
  11. Great legs
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Alanna Brooks

Alanna is a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributer to GetRomantic.com and we love her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style!

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