Spice Up Sex

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

  1. Ask your spouse to answer the following questions:

    • What do you want?
    • Where do you want it?
    • How do you want it?
    • For how long do you want it?

  2. Get you lover to write out 5 of his/her fantasies on pieces of paper, you do the same. When you are both finished, put the 10 fantasies in a jar and keep it in a private place. Take turns picking from it whenever you feel adventurous.
  3. Perform a strip tease for your love. Wear sexy lingerie with lots of ties and lace, have erotic music playing and use red light bulbs (professional stripers use these because they make your skin look flawless). Sit him in a chair and tie his hands so he can’t touch you.
  4. Write a letter to your love *detailing everything* you plan to do to him/her when you see each other. Have the letter delivered via courier to him at work that morning so he will fantasize about it all day!
  5. Play truth. Write out questions that you would like to ask your love and have them do the same. Be creative! Put all the questions in a jar and take turns choosing from it and asking the questions. You may draw your own questions, but that is part of the fun.
  6. Play your own version of “60 Seconds in Heaven”. Ask your love where they would like you to kiss them. Then spend the next 60 seconds lavishing over that particular area of their body.
  7. Write an erotic story about you and your lover. Copy it onto nice paper and give it to them the next time you want to get the sparks flying. You could even ask your love to read it to you. Or give it to them as a tease just as they are on their way to work. If you have a long distance love send it through mail.
  8. Spend a few minutes making out in the car after a date, before you go inside.
  9. Offer to be your spouse’s “sex slave” for an evening.
  10. Call your mate while they are at work and seductively tell them how much you look forward to being with them when they get home. They may come home early!
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Daniella Reiker

Daniella lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. By day she's a Public Relations Coordinator, by night a freelance writer.

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

  • Opal,

    Right before he is about to play video games come up behind him and put your hands on his chest and reach lower and just grab his junk. That will usually work, or if you miss him and hes already playing the video game, just go behind the couch, and whisper in his ear, (while wearing your sexiest lingerie) saying something very suductive. the best way is to just plain out grab their junk

  • Opal


    I have tried almost everything u said. but it didn’t work.how can i make him see that i want it?He’s not that romantic guy.He doesn’t even know what romance is.He’s very hard to seduce. all he knows is how to play games all the time. he spends his most of the time playing games. we have to fight everyday because of that. do u have any idea how to get him back?

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