Spice Up Sex

Give Sex as a Gift

  • Last year I put some suggestive vouchers in my husband’s stocking, they were redeemable for things like: sex in any room of the house, a sexual fantasy fulfilled, a strip tease. The look on his face when he discovered them was enough to know he was thrilled! (submitted by Laura)

    Editor’s Note: you can buy some seriously sexy printable vouchers here

  • For our last wedding anniversary I had a box beautifully wrapped and sent to my husband at work. Inside were a pair of my sexiest panties and a note that said “If you have my panties that means I’m not wearing any…see you tonight! xxx” (submitted by Katie)
  • My husband will never forget his 30th birthday. We were dining at one of the fancier restaurants in town with a few close friends and just before dessert I excused myself from the table. When I returned I discreetly passed him my freshly removed thong under the table and whispered “happy birthday”. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he realized what I’de done! (submitted by Doreen)
  • I knew my wife’s biggest all time sexual fantasy was to have sex at a music concert. So one day I mailed to her at work two tickets to an upcoming concert with a written promise to fulfill her fantasy (in the most private section of the stadium we could find). (submitted by Troy)

    what is your lover’s biggest fantasy?

  • For my husband’s 40th birthday I gave him a very interesting gift that I call “The Magic Penis”. I popped into a local novelty sex shop and bought a fake plastic penis. When I got home I wrapped it in a nice box with a note telling my husband that for the next week anytime he wanted to make love, have a quickie or fool around he could give me the penis and like a magic wand “your wish is my command”. When he opened it his only question was “can I use it now?”. (submitted by Beth)
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