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10 Secrets to a Better Love Life

Are you in a relationship? Whether it’s brand new or years old, Here are 10 Secrets to start making it even better.

  1. Redecorate the Bedroom

    If you’re not fabulously wealthy or just plain broke right now, instead of going away from home, make some changes at home. Even if you can make a small change in the bedroom, that can make a noticeable difference.” A better love life doesn’t require ceiling mirrors or a stripper?s pole in the room. Not that it wouldn’t make things more interesting, but you don’t need to do something that will freak out the kids or the housekeeper. Light up some candles. Get a smooth set of sheets and a warm bedspread that will make a difference. Also, remove some of the junk like toys, and piles of laundry out, that can take your attention away from the moment. Think about NO TV in your bedroom too, or at least try life without it for a while.

  2. Figure Out What You Really Want

    Everyone’s got sexual fantasies. But for some people, those fantasies can be buried pretty deep. If your partner were to turn to you tonight and say, ?What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?” or “What do you want to change about how we have sex?” do you know what you’d say? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. “Some people have to do a little work at figuring out what really works them?. But figuring out what you want is the key to having a better love life. Give it a little effort. There is plenty stuff out there to help you find fun positions and satisfy your every desire, like books, magazines, videos, and of course the all holy Kama Sutra. Once you’ve come up with some ideas, telling your partner about them could be fun for both of you.

  3. Go see a movie

    This is considered the most typical date there is. Dating can be a lot more fun than just seeing a movie but this is a start if you aren?t doing anything else. Go see the top comedy, that way you can both come home in a playful and happy mood. And that leads to good love making!

  4. Go out for a fancy dinner at a new and atmospheric or even unusual restaurant
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    This usually goes hand and hand with seeing a movie, but the trick here is to go someplace new. You might like it you might not, it?s the mystery that makes it fun and it gives you a new experience to share for better or worse.

  5. Take an entertaining walk together

    Ok, Maybe this one sounds boring. So how can we make it fascinating? For starters go someplace that offers ?eye candy?. There is nothing that leads to blah like a walk down your street in the dark. Unless you live on Bourbon Street. Get out, go to the Carnival, feel like a kid again, make a little trouble then come home and let your love explode.

  6. Have a glass of wine by candlelight

    Every week you hear something about wine, it?s good, it?s bad? why don?t the so called experts just make up their minds, it doesn?t really matter anyway. An occasional glass of wine can?t be bad, it just doesn?t feel bad, right? Plus it makes you feel kinda sexy. So, share a glass of ?decent wine?, no, Boones Farm doesn?t count anymore. Cough up an extra $5-10 and get something that won?t leave you feeling like a bum the next day!

  7. Be romantic with Poems, Music or Words of the Heart (That?s my Favorite)

    It really doesn?t matter if you have a single poetic bone in your body, your date is with you because there?s just something about you that makes you attractive, even irresistible. Give them a piece of your mind that makes them feel good. That?s what poetry is all about anyway.

  8. What did you do when you got together?

    If you went skinny dipping, go find a swimming hole. You went out dancing until 3 in the morning, then go get your dancing shoes. Remember the good times and make it happen again. Make new memories.

  9. Make a date to make love.

    People make plans for other things they enjoy, like ski trips or dinners out. Most people, especially couples with kids, have to plan ahead because they already have so much jammed into their schedules. Don?t forget to make love. It?s good for the soul. Of course there are times when things spontaneously fall together, let those happy accidents happen often, it keeps the fire alive.. Get out, don?t stay in your house

  10. A great suggestion for a better love life is to take regular nights away from home

    For couples that have been together for a while, sex can become routine. You’re worn out by the end of the day, after a long day of work, laundry, kids schedules, and the errands. It can be hard to give into the moment when you’re having sex in your all-too-familiar bedroom. You?re thinking, Did I remember to set the alarm clock for work tomorrow? Work?work?work Making love is fundamental for a healthy relationship, the minute it stops the romance begins to die. Just remember, the best sex comes when you’re not thinking about the past or the future, but only NOW. Stop using your mental tricks to hold the moment of truth and just enjoy every second of it.

    Go away from home, It doesn’t have to be a fabulous spot by the ocean, at least not every time. Get a trusted friend or dear grandma, God bless her soul, to watch the rugrats, if you got ?em, for a day or maybe even a few hours.

Life?s a nonstop rollercoaster enjoy it!!

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