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The Power of Confidence

When it comes to dating, the simple fact is that most guys have the know-how of an eggplant. The messages we recieve from the media, from our friends, and from women only seem to confuse us, and the end result is that we often are frustrated and lost. Given this, I wasn’t surprised at all when I recieved an email a couple weeks ago asking me:

“If there was one single thing to remember to have more success with women, what would it be?”

Women Love Confidence

Well, the answer really isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’s very simple. The absolute, number one, without exception rule to remember is this: WOMEN ABSOLUTELY LOVE CONFIDENCE. If you can understand and appreciate the power of this single statement, you will forever have more success with women than 99% of guys out there.

Why is confidence so important?

There are a number of reasons. Women are not interested in a guy who is insecure or unsure about themself. It’s a simple fact of life that a woman is attracted to you largely based on how you come accross. She doesn’t want to be your psychiatrist, listening to all your insecurities and issues.

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We’re often told that we’re supposed to come accross as sensitive and caring, and the best way we can think of is to let the woman know about our problems. However, women are not interested in hearing about how you wet the bed until you were sixteen, or how you cry every time you see the sunset. She wants, above all, a guy who is calm and in control. In short, she wants a guy who is confident.

I’m sure you’ve seen movies where guys sheepishly ask a girl out, bumbling through their sentences and basically coming off as cool as Screetch from Save By The Bell. Of course, the woman finds it cute and says yes, mainly because it’s in the script. But in real life, most women are not interested in a guy who can’t string together a coherent sentence. They may take your nervousness as a compliment, but it won’t help you land a date.

“Nice Guys” vs. “Jerks”

Whenever you hear a guy complain about his girlfriend ditching him for a jerk, it’s easy to feel sorry for them. Heck, this has quite possibly happened to you at some point. However, you need to keep this in mind: women aren’t stupid (usually.) The new guy very well may be a jerk, but he’s a confident jerk. Think about the typical “nice guy,” and you’ll realize that he’s often timid, shy, and doesn’t convey confidence. If you feel sorry for yourself, your woman will eventually leave you every time.

Confidence is the Key to Success

The next time you meet a woman, go out on a date, or talk to your new girlfriend on the phone, remember that confidence is your key to success. Even if you’re a nervous wreck, do your absolute best to not show it. Confidence is actually a self-fulfilling exercise; the more you convey confidence, the more confident you’ll become.

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Confidence

  • Mostly, a woman will never tell us what is going on, and many, guys are clueless.

  • Perhaps you are right about a timid man doing what he’s asked and on that note, yes there are probably a small amount of women who would like that. But would you want to date a woman who liked that you lacked confidence?

  • hunter

    Oh yes, they do like timidness. A timid man will do what he is asked to do.

  • Thanks hunter. I know that some women find shy men very cute and appealing, but timid men? not so sure about that….

  • hunter

    Some women like the shy, timid type.(mostly, divorced/experienced women, do this)

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