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Dating Advice for Men that Works

I have been utterly useless with women in the past. Having spent many years of my youthful life failing with women, I decided to make a change. Now after years of learning, trial and error, reading books, and development I have become successful in becoming attractive with women and dating. In fact I even coach men one on one in the ?field? like the real life version of Hitch.

What follows is dating advice that works:

Dating Advice 1:

The first 3-4 dates are very important. Dating is like a game. If you play it right, you should have been able to escalate to kissing and more. You see within this time frame, the girl decides whether or not you?re worth it. If you have not escalated during these dates, you will very likely get into the LJBF (Lets Just Be Friends) category and getting out of this my friends is near to impossible.

Dating Advice 2:

Make the dates interesting. Avoid the usual dating scenes like cinemas, clubs and bars. Be unpredictable. Go for ACTION dates ? these are dates with a lot of activity. The key word here is VENUE CHANGE. There are reasons for this. You see when we change scenes during a date; subconsciously we feel we have spent a lot more time with the other person, hence building familiarity and comfort. This also has the benefit of making it more interesting.

Dating Advice 3:

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For crying out load, STOP with the gifts such as flowers and chocolates. Why? You have only known each other briefly, and doing things like that comes off as APPROVAL SEEKING, and suspicious. You could do these things after you?re in the relationship, and want to show your appreciation, but too early, and you will KILL the ATTRACTION.

Dating Advice 4:

Not knowing you are the MAN and she is the WOMAN. As the man you will take the lead. Being the leader has many attractive qualities. Back in tribal times, the leader takes the choice of all the females. This has not changed and still in our subconscious programming. These days? women are still looking for those qualities in a man. So how do you take the lead? Decide where you are going in advance, and take the lead in decisions.

Dating Advice 5:

When a woman dates a man she is thinking ?he seems nice, let?s find out more about each other?. Too many guys view a woman they are dating as their potential WIFE. As you can imagine this puts a lot of pressure on the guy. They become frigid and cannot BE THEMSELVES. My advice is DON?T DO IT. Have the same view as the woman. You are screening her to see if she is worth it. So relax, be laid back and enjoy yourself.

Dating Advice 6:

STOP with the needy COMPLIMENTS.

?Oh, you?re so beautiful today?

?Wow so gorgeous?

These kinds of compliments send shivers down a woman SPINE people. You are there to find out more about each other and have fun. Dating her just because she is beautiful lowers your standards and intelligent women consider it an insult. They think you are shallow! DON?T DO THAT. If you want to give a compliment, give something sincere and genuine. Always include a reason for doing so. For example, ?I like your top; it goes very well with the colour of your dress?.

I could go on and on about things to do and not to do when dating women. I have only touched on some of the issues?

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