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Great Grooming for Guys

When he looked into her eyes over the breakfast counter she was immediately hooked. Deep brown eyes, perfect brows and lips, oh lips just right to kiss!

When he asked what she was doing later that day her heart went crazy in her chest and she lost her breath for a moment. So this is what it’s like she thought, love at first sight!

When he left the restaurant she noticed his wide shoulders and narrow waist. He has on jeans and a T-shirt and she didn’t even ask him his name.

Later that day as she waited for him outside the restaurant for their meeting she was thankful she’d given herself enough time to go home and shower and change. She wanted this first meeting to be really special; after all, she was already falling in love.

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He showed up 10 minutes late, the same clothes he had on that morning and when he got out of his car an empty soda can fell out and rolled through the parking lot. She tried to hide her disappointment that he hadn’t bothered to change his casual clothing before meeting with her, or even change his T-shirt which was well worn and tattered looking she noticed.

“Hi”, he smiled. Her heart leaped again as it did this morning, though with less intensity this time. As he held out his hand to guide her off the curb and through the parking lot to the club across the lot she almost didn’t take it. His hand was dirty she realized, with unkempt nails and a scab on the side of his thumb.

As they moved along the parking lot to a small bar across the way he dropped into pace beside her. She could smell his body odour and though it wasn’t really offensive he didn’t smell clean either. Having him close didn’t make her heart do anything; she was too focused on his lack of grooming and also his obvious lack of concern for making an impression on her.

Needless to say love at first sight turned into a nightmare as the date went downhill from there. Not because there wasn’t chemistry, not because he was uninteresting. It was as simple as poor grooming. In a dating situation, how we groom and present ourselves to the opposite sex is pivotal to our success in getting close.

Here’s some great grooming tips for guys who date, and married guys too! (Don’t worry guys the girls grooming tips are up next, including don’t wear so much perfume!

  • Be Clean!

Body, hair, hands and nails. Shower as close to the time of your date as possible. Use a nailbrush on your hands and trim your nails to get rid of those jagged edges and hang nails. (If you want someone to hold your hand give them one they want to hold) If you work with your hands it’s even more important to care for them. A woman doesn’t need soft hands to hold her but she deserves clean ones!

Brush and floss your teeth (Yes I said floss. You mean it’s not a habit?). Wear deodorant. Put fragrance on lightly and on your naked skin. (Many people put fragrance on their clothing, which ruins fabrics and usually is way to strong)

  • Crisp Clothing.

You don’t need an extensive wardrobe, but what you do have should be clean, fresh looking and just laundered. Stained, ripped or frayed clothing makes you appear careless in regards to appearance and sends a bad message. I would also stay away from concert t-shirts proclaiming your adoration for some band from your youth or that say something you wouldn’t want said to your date. T-shirts in general aren’t the best idea for a first date unless that first date is something so casual it’s appropriate. Wear a shirt with some color that makes your skin and eyes look great, come on, you’re trying to win this girl!

  • Add the Extra’s.

Make sure your shoes are cleaned up. Especially big leather numbers that you haven’t looked at in awhile. Maybe spray the inside with something nice smelling just in case.

Make sure you get rid of unwanted and unattractive hair. Shave your face, neck and check your ears, nose and eyebrows for hair. Pluck out the stray ones that aren’t doing you any good. (If you’re bad at this call your sister, she’ll be happy to pull your hair out I’m sure!)

Clean out your car and put an air freshener in it.

Wash the outside of your car.

Maybe, if you really like this girl pick up a flower on your way to get her and you’ll really win her heart!

Some of you may think that these grooming tips are obvious information, but trust me, I’ve not only experienced this from men I’ve met and witnessed as they were out trying to meet people, but I hear about it too!

Usually the poorly groomed person is not a bad person. Usually the person who doesn’t take care of his personal grooming habits wasn’t taught these things at home, didn’t pick them up at school or has allowed his lifestyle to overtake him.

The reason for this, and all of my articles, is to bring about awareness, help people and make the world a better, and in this situation, a cleaner place!

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