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7 Signs She is Still Interested

Are you having trouble getting your ex off of your mind? She may be still thinking about you, too, day and night. Often when a relationship has ended, one or both parties wish it hadn?t. And yet, it can be hard to tell for sure whether she would like to make another go of it.

Here are 7 signs that she is still interested.

Sign #1: She calls you often just to say hi: If your ex were truly over you, she would probably not be calling you very often. Frequent phone calls are a sign that she may be still pining over you.

Sign #2: She has trouble talking with you without getting emotional: On the other hand, some women who still want to be with their exes get choked up or feel anxious whenever they think about them. In those cases, the woman will usually avoid calling her ex at all for fear of revealing her true feelings – especially if she is not sure whether he feels the same way.

Sign #3: She is dating someone who looks like you: Yes, this actually does happen: some women will chose a new guy to date who looks strikingly like their ex. While this is likely an unconscious phenomenon, it can be a telltale sign that she still carries a torch for her previous guy.

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Sign #4: She jumped right into a new relationship after your breakup: Almost anybody who starts a relationship immediately after a breakup is not in the new relationship for the long haul. Rather, they are likely biding time while they try to heal their heart or have the chance to get back together with their ex.

Sign #5: She still hangs out at your old favorite spots: If you or your friends have been spotting your ex at your old hangouts lately, this could be an indication that she is still thinking about the times you used to share together.

Sign #6: She tends to compliment you when you speak with her: Compliments are indirect ways of saying what cannot always be said with words. If your ex tends to throw compliments your direction whenever you speak or says how great you are, she is almost surely still harboring feelings for you.

Sign #7: She often brings up things you used to do together: If your friends tell you that she still talks about you or brings up things you used to do as a couple, she is tipping her hand that she still spends a lot of her mental life devoted to your memory.

Once you are fairly sure that she still wants to be with you, it is time to take action. As the old saying goes, you need to strike while the iron is hot. She may be thinking about you during the day and dreaming about you at night: but you will never know for sure if you do not start doing something about it right now. Now that you know the signs to look for, it is time to put together a step-by-step plan for getting her back.

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