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How to Find Out if He’s Single

Have you ever been interested in a man without knowing whether he was single…and you didn’t know how to ask him without it being really obvious? This happens to most of us, so we’ve consulted two guys and asked “What questions can a woman ask to find if a guy is single, without being obvious?”

Joe Dlhopolsky Says:

Try to find out who he does things with, especially in dating type situations. If he’s married or dating someone seriously, then it will be difficult to keep her out of the conversation when you are talking about things that he must have done with her. Some men will try to deceive you about the existence of a significant other. Apart from your not wanting to have anything to do with such men, you can often sense deception by halting speech and awkward pauses while he thinks up his line.

Good Questions to Ask:

  • “How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting?”
  • “What’s your favorite music? Have you ever gone to concerts?”
  • “Did you see such and such movie?”
  • “What did you do on your last vacation?”

Bruce Butler Says:

Avoid the obvious such as “Do you have a girlfriend?”

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Instead, ask:

  • “Are you new in town?”
  • “Do you have family nearby?”
  • “Do you own a home or rent an apartment?”
  • “What do you like to do for fun?”
  • “What do you do in your free time?” (A variation of the previous question).
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One thought on “How to Find Out if He’s Single

  • butterfly

    How about “Is there any one special in your life right now?” It can sound casual and interested without being too much, I think.

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