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How to Score Points with Men

There are many different things one can do to romance a guy, but do you want to know what makes us tick? What really gets our engines purring?

We love, and I repeat, LOVE to feel needed. It’s really that simple. The fact that others need us gives us purpose for living. Men like to feel, as most people do, special and valuable to others. When things need to be done, like your car being washed, or a can needing to be opened, let him do it (even if you really are strong enough to open it yourself). When he gets the chance to show off in front of you, it makes him feel good, valuable. Like the reference to Christ, make him feel like your tower of refuge and strength.

Men like to show off. This is why more men buy fancy cars and big houses and what ever else we can afford (or can’t afford) to show off to others. With this in mind, try to give your guy those opportunities to show off his goods, muscles, smarts, etc. When you need advice go to him first (you don’t have to agree with him necessarily, just show him that you value his opinions). If you have to go somewhere ask for him to go with you and make clear that you don’t want to be alone, again showing that you need him.

Now in all these situations, after he has helped you or “shown off” show appreciation. When a guy feels appreciated he feels good about himself. When he feels like others need him, he will feel loved by them. This is the most romantic thing to do for a guy, make him feel valuable.

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If you need furniture moved ask him to help. Don’t be afraid to flirt a little with nicknames like “muscle man” or “buff”. If he is lifting something heavy, add an “ahh!” or “ooh!”. You’ll score major points with your man with words such as these. Play with it and have fun. You want to get the best out of life and please your man at the same time? Play up to his masculinity, brag about him and his toys, like his car, or his physique. You can always do things for your man, but it is when you need your man to do things for you, that is what lights the fire within him.

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