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The Key to Attracting Men

Most of us know that women want to be treated like ladies, we feel drawn to men who make us feel feminine. What we don’t all know, however, is that men want to be treated like men, just as much as women want to be treated like ladies. “When a woman makes a man feel masculine, his body is filled with the fire of desire to get close…he wants to be with her, to get to know her, and, in some magical manner, his life suddenly has more meaning.”, says John Gray, author of Mars and Venus on a Date (HarperCollins Publishers, 1997). To the degree that a woman makes a man feel masculine, he will be attracted to her.

The key to making men feel like men is our feminine energy. Just as women feel more feminine in the presence of a man who has a strong masculine energy, men feel drawn to women with a strong feminine energy. This woman makes them feel like more of a man.

I believe that all women are capable of possessing this feminine energy and radiance. For some it is merely a matter of getting in touch with the feminine characteristics they already have within themselves.

A feminine woman will ask for a man’s help when she needs it and appreciate the support he gives, she is open to dating and getting to know men, she will let a man take care of her while on a date and not worry that she will seem ‘weak’ or ‘passive’, she lets men treat her like a lady and expects respect from everyone. Ultimately this feminine energy says: “I am open to getting to know you, you could be the one to make me happy.”

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A man wants to be our knight in shining armour, he wants to cheer us up when we are sad and support us when we need help. The woman who gives him this golden opportunity is most attractive in his eyes.

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Alanna Brooks

Alanna is a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributer to GetRomantic.com and we love her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style!

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