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Spend 30 Minutes a Day Talking

If I want to know how good your sex life is, all I have to do is ask you how good your communication is. I know that a couple who spends quality time… talking to each other every day has a better sex life than a couple who doesn’t communicate.

Now here’s a sad statistic…The average American couple spends 20 minutes a week talking. That’s averages out to 3 minutes a day. That includes Good Morning. What’s for dinner? Any mail? How are the kids? How was work?

What do you know of, that can survive on 3 minutes? Could you study for 3 minutes a day and hope to pass a course? Could you raise kids on 3 minutes a day? Could you have fallen in love if you spent 3 minutes a day together?

So how can we spend 3 minutes a day and think we’ll have a meaningful relationship? WE CAN’T! This week I want you to spend 30 minutes each day of uninterrupted time, talking together. And don’t tell me that you don’t have 30 minutes because I know you’re watching at least one hour of TV. If you have to, hire a baby-sitter so the two of you can be alone for 30 minutes…. Here are some ideas:

  • Go for a nice long walk, holding hands, of course.
  • Go for a ride in the car and stop at a secluded spot.
  • Go to an informal restaurant for a cup of coffee.
  • Sit down in your favorite room; put on some soft music and just talk.
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Ellen Kreidman

Ellen Kreidman is the author of "Light Her Fire", a truly awesome book! Men, check out "Light Her Fire". As a teacher, author, and seminar speaker on relationships for over 18 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman is dedicated to enriching people's lives and improving relationships around the world.

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