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How Men Love to Be Kissed

Ahhh…kissing, snogging, making out, no matter what you call it, for something so important (and fun!) there is not a lot of advice out there on how to do it really well.

How often do men tell you exactly how they are dying to be kissed and what moves make them turn to mush?

You want to know these things! So we at surveyed over 2000 men and asked them: “How do you love to be kissed?”.

Below is a sampling of the responses received, word-for-word!

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  • “One word: EARS! I cannot get enough kisses on my ears! I also love to have my hair played with.” (Brad, 26)
  • “I love it when my partner holds the back of my head while we kiss, and runs her fingers through my hair as we kiss.” (Shawn, 23)
  • “I love when my partner licks my lips and then slowly blows cold air on them. That is really a turn on.” (Corey, 18)
  • “I love when she runs her hands all over my head while I kiss her neck.” Trent (23)
  • “Fingers through the hair is great, as is stroking of my neck. Gentle biting of my lip, and occasional kissing of my closed eyelids.” (Andrew, 41)
  • “I love when my partner caresses my face and sucks my lower lip really softly.” (Yusif, 19)
  • “I like when she runs her fingers through my hair and especially when she kisses my neck.” (James, 16)
  • “I love it when my partner starts off with just a little unexpected peck on the mouth then it turns more passionate. I also love when she grabs me and moves me very close to her.” (Peter, 23)
  • “I love when my partner nips my bottom lip during a kissing session. I also love to start french kissing by slowly exploring the tips of each others tongues.” (Curtis, 32)
  • “I love when my partner kisses me behind the ear, then moves to my lips in a kissing trail.” (Randy, 17)
  • “I love when my partner kisses my ear and works her way down my face, kissing every spot of skin along the way.” (Gavin, 19)
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  • my partner loves when i lick his lips,he gets turn on fast when i do it.

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