Spice Up Sex

Sexy Games to Play Together

1. Hide the Honey

This game requires a blindfold and a small amount of honey, chocolate syrup, nutella or caramel…and no clothes.

Blindfold your partner, then hide a drop of honey somewhere on your body. Without using his or her hands, and without the aid of sight, your partner has to find that drop of honey…with their mouth. :)

2. What’s Your Fantasy?

You and your partner should each write down 5, or so, fantasies you have that could be acted out together at the time you are playing the game.

Put all of the fantasies in a jar and take turns drawing from them and acting them out.

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If you pick one of your partner’s fantasies and do not feel comfortable doing it, tell them nicely and choose another. This game definitely makes for a fun night!

3. Sexy Secrets

I created a fun game to play with your lover. You can print it from the GetRomantic.com website > Printable Sex Game

4. 60 Seconds in Heaven

Take turns picking an area of your body and letting your partner spend 60 seconds lavishing that spot with sensual attention: kisses, licking, nibbling, caressing. One benefit of this game is that you will learn what areas your partner is yearning to have you pay more attention to.

5. Sexy Dice

Get a pair of dice. On one die, use white-out to fill in the little black circles. Letter each side of the die from “a” to “f”. Write a chart on paper that associates each letter with a body part and each number (on the other die) with an action. For example:

1. suck
2. lick
3. caress
4. kiss
5. nibble
6. variety

a. stomach
b. chest
c. neck
d. ears
e. legs
f. ________

Take turns rolling the dice (both at once) and performing the action that you get, on the body part that you get.

As a variation you could write 6 sex acts (oral sex, intercourse, making out, caressing only, fondling, strip tease) and 6 places in your house (bathroom, porch, living room, laundry room, back yard, stairs).

6. Strip Crazy-8’s

Similar to strip-poker, you play a hand and the loser has to take off an item of clothing. This game conforms to any card game that can be played in a small amount of time.

7. What am I Touching you With?

Blindfold your love and have them lie on their back or stomach without any clothes on (or with only their top removed, if you prefer).

Sensuously trace over their bare skin with various objects and have them guess what you are touching them with, and tell you if they like it.

Try: a pearl necklace, marbles, your hair, silk, a feather, a flower, a piece of your lingerie, a part of your body.

8. First to Orgasm Loses

The goal of this game is to make your partner have an orgasm before you do…whoever holds off for the longest is the winner. I recommend using the “69” position and performing oral sex on each other at the same time.

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